Some quick updates from the Convention

Ugh, long flight home….. So, Tuesday I will be posting tons of pics of deboxed dolls!

UPDATES:  The Vanessa centerpiece from the final night is “Stirred Not Shaken”.  The Tatyana doll is “Fete Accompli”.  The AvantGuard dolls are scheduled for release in November and will probably be priced around $200.  There will also be a Lana Turner Giftset that includes a few outfits, one of which is the “sweater-girl” look.  The strawberry blond pictures in the WClub “Moods” collection is just a prototype and will not be for sale. 

The final night’s table gifts were “The Heist” pin and jewel of Prussia ring (for the FR girls), a CD of James Bond themed music, another giftbox that included some jewelry and martini glasses and a box of 3 pairs of Valia shoes.

My top 6 of the convention were:

1- TATYANA – I’m a sucker for the paleskinned beauties & I was getting tired of all the bright lips, so I love her nude colored ones.

2 – EUGENIA – She’s my favorite character, so I was crushed that I didn’t win the centerpiece doll that night, but she is phenomenal!

3 – LUCHIA – I can’t get enough of her!  She’s amazing!  I thought she was to die for!  The outfit, accessories, hairstyle & her fur!!!

4 – GISELLE – maybe because she’s my first!  But I really love the hair color and green eyes.  She’s going to look amazing in so many other items!

5 – ADELE – I don’t have any Adele’s except for Paparazzi Bait, but she grew on my over the next few days.  My tablemate bought her and restyled her for every sitdown event and she looked amazing in everything!!! Great job Deron!

6 – TWINS – I kept going back and forth about whether to get them or not.  I was not impressed with them everytime I looked at them in their box.  But I loved seeing them deboxed and standing together – there is just something about them that I love! 

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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1 Response to Some quick updates from the Convention

  1. SwedishCass says:

    lmaooo i am nostalgic !! this doesnt make us younger but so great to re read ur impressions on such old dolls now haha xoxoxo

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