“FR Storyline”

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“Fire Within” Jordan
Crash That Crush!
Part 3 of 4
Jordan thought she was so clever. She loved pretty things and all of her life, she had been a pro at playing people against one another to get what she wanted… money, jewelry, clothes, love… anything! The again, it’s pretty easy when you have the stature of an Amazon, the exotic elegance of a gazelle, and the beauty of an African goddess! 

Seducing Darius Reid at the Gramophone Awards had been pretty easy, even by her standards. The man was up for grabs and it took only a few smiles, a couple of cocktails and a promise of a picnic under the stars to have him wrapped around her little finger. Jordan didn’t care that if her plan worked the resulting public humiliation would drag Reid’s name through the mud.

The money that had been promised to her to find out about the exact whereabouts of Veronique Perrin and what exactly the family was planning for her big return would more than make up for her own name being tabloid fodder for a few weeks. The entire plan would be a piece of cake, or would it? Jordan could be in for a big surprise should she discover that the Perrin family has more allies than enemies.

“Staying Power” Darius Reid
Crash that Crush!
Part 2 of 4

Darius was a little upset and he couldn’t believe his ears. What gave Lukas Maverick the right to even discuss his personal affairs and give him advice on who he should and should not be seeing? What nerve!

Lukas had managed to get proof that Jordan was working for Natalia all along and was feeding her all the information she could about Darius’ latest deals and whatever other information she could get her hands on. As difficult as it was to admit, Darius decided to swallow his macho pride and go with Maverick on this one, and, as it would soon turn out, his new friend was about to save him a heap of trouble! There was just one problem. Who could they discreetly contact at W about this that would help them trick the trickster?

“Model Citizen” Lukas M.
Crash that Crush!
Part 1 of 4

Lukas didn’t know Darius all that well. Although they did have dealings in the past, the two weren’t exactly buddies, and their relationship was strictly business. What was he supposed to do? Should he say nothing and watch the poor infatuated fool be used by two conniving dames so that they could get whatever information they needed from him? No way!

When Lukas first found out that Jordan had been hovering over Darius Reid he immediately suspected something was amiss. Even though she modeled for the Perrins on a regular basis there were plenty of rumors floating around about her “not- so-secret” association with Natalia Fatale. Lukas knew she would be in a position to find out even more about W’s next big move if she could get Reid on her side. The whole thing was just a little too convenient. Lukas was now on a mission. He would have to enlighten Darius somehow before his innocent crush became a total business crash!

“The Great Pretender” Lilith
Lillith loved playing tricks on people. She lost count a long time ago of how many times as she disguised herself as her twin sister so she could make mischief and blame it all on poor unsuspecting Eden… The worst part is that she always got away with it! Having an identical twin certainly had its advantages, but in this regard Eden definitely was at a disadvantage. Lillith always had a way to drag her unsuspecting sister into trouble and it didn’t get better as they got older.

After Eden said no to Lukas and Eugenia’s plan to expose Jordan, her co-star in W’s “Couleurs D’Artifice” campaign, a quick transformation allowed a very eager Lillith to do the deed and for a pretty hefty sum, of course! All Lukas would have to do was keep Eden from showing up on the set and the rest would take care of itself. It was really quite simple or so Lillith thought. Eden wasn’t going to be easy to tame!

“Perk” Colette
“Colette? It’s Eden. Did the limo come to pick you up this morning?”
“It’s on its way. Why? I thought it was supposed to be to pick you up first? Non? Mai oui, je suis certaine!” said the young model in her own very charming broken English.
“Normally, yes. However, I’ve been waiting for an hour and no one is picking up my calls!”
Eden was furious.  Colette was just confused.
“Okay Eden, what would you like me to do?”
“Come pick me up, quick. Something’s up at the set; I’m certain of it!”
“D’Accord, je serais la dans twenty minutes ma chere, don’t worry darling!”
“Lukas called me last night. He wanted me to do something bad on the set and I said no. I think…”
“Oh non! Ne me dis pas! Lillith?”
“Yes! I think my sister has already taking my place and causing trouble,” said a saddened Eden.
“Okay make that 10 minutes! I’m on my way right now.”
Can Eden save her own reputation? It seemed as if Lillith had an advance on her in this race against time!______________________________________________________________________________
“Festive Decadence” Agnes Von Weiss
In life, Agnes Von Weiss loves to have many choices: the choice to be the most important person in the world, the choice to fire incompetent assistants, and, of course, the choice to reinvent herself every five minutes.

Some of the things she’s done lately may have been less than stellar such as trying to give fashion advice to the Queen of England and being a little persistent about it by sending Her Majesty multiple registered letters about her strange hats (according to Agnes). One thing is for sure, Agnes Von Weiss loves her fashion like her chocolate: rich and decadent and she wants the world to know it!

“Pewter” Natalia Fatale
Crash that Crush!
Prologue 1 of 2

All things considered, Fatale Cosmetics was doing OK, but OK wasn’t good enough for Natalia… “Great” or even better, Sensational, would be more like it as far as she was concerned. The year had started so strongly and then things just went “beige” and boring. Natalia’s plan to plant informants directly into the entourage of her biggest competitors and business partners had paid off for the most part, that is of course, until some of her accomplices’ lovely dimwitted personalities started to surface and they simply gave themselves away or got caught, sometimes with embarrassing results. Actually, all but one of them had been exposed and thankfully it was the most important: her W Cosmetics “liason”.

Natalia would have to speed up her game if she wanted this to work. But how? Could she seriously force Jordan to seduce someone other than Adele Makeda’s father to infiltrate deeper into the company without being percevied as nothing more than a woman of the night? How on Earth could the African Amazon work this one out without simply blowing the entire affair to smithereens?

As Natalia toyed with various scenarios in her mind (some a little bit ghastly even), the phone rang:

Natalia? It’s Jordan!

I told you never to call me from “there”! Are you crazy?! Natalia was furious, she could tell from the number on her caller ID that Jordan was calling her from somewhere within the W Tower.

I know! I’m sorry, but I thought you should know that Adele’s father just dumped me for an even younger woman! I’ve been playing the “broken hearted” siren all afternoon and I think I’ll be coming out of this smelling like roses. I have a plan that will allow us to move to phase 2 faster than I thought! Let’s meet!

Suddenly, Natalia had that devilish grin on her lips again… You know the one.. The smile that makes most of her rivals cower in fear! For some reason all her worries just melted away. It had been a while, but it seemed as if sister faith was on her side again…

“Platinum” Jordan
Crash That Crush!
Prologue 2 of 2

Jordon was running around the make-up lab of the W tower like a broken hearted puppy. Adele’s father had just hung up the phone on her and it was over. Daddy had met a swingy 21 year old Nigerian beauty & all of a sudden, 20-something felt kinda old in comparison. Jordon was actually a little insulted all things considered, but no matter. She would play the game as this could not have come at a better time and she was pleased with this strange turn of events. Unknowing that they were just being played like good little puppets, everyone in the studio was helping her wipe off those crocodile tears she shed. Even Adele, who was completely disgusted by her father’s irresponsible behavior, was on Jordon’s side. The “poor baby, what can we do to make you feel better” comments were coming left & right and suddenly, everyone at W was her friend. Now, it was only a matter of time before her folks around her would start letting her in on everything. She was one of them! Perfect.

Who knew that being dumped would be all it would take for her to achieve her goal of getting her hands on W’s most closely guarded secrets? She had to find a phone somewhere in a hidden corner of the tower and call her real boss ASAP. This just couldn’t wait. Her plan to move in on that cute music mogul she met at the Gramophone Music Awards would be even easier now that she would not have to be the one to let Mr. Makeda “go”. Darius Reid, the single, recently broken hearted and totally eligible bachelor had it coming, he just didn’t know it yet. With him being so close to the Perrin’s and knowing pretty much everything there was to know about the big party planned for Veronique Perrin’s return, getting the details out of him would be child’s play! At last the Perrin’s would be totally upstaged!

The “plan” had just become flawless, unstoppable! Natalia Fatale would be more than pleased.


855“Blue Blood” Elise Jolie
In the FR first story cards in 2002, it was established that Adele & Veronique had spent their childhood together in some of Europe’s finest schools and had later attened Mlle. Jolie’s finishing school in Paris.  After graduating, life separated the 2 friends and only many years later did they manage to reunite to create fashion doll history.
863“Power Game” Natalia Fatale
Since her introduction at the Cosmetic Takeover Convention in 2004, Natalia Fatale’s wicked ways have gotten her into more trouble than she cares to admit.  Running from business to personal scandals, nothing is above or below this larger-than-nature fan favorite character.

Natalia is known for her questionable ethics as far as beauty products are concerned and in this particular incarnation Natalia pushes the boundaries of what she is willing to try a little further as she decided to test her “Ultra Sheer Skin Equalizer” or “USSE” on herself… The results shall we say are, um, a little light?

853“Optic Clash” Dania Zarr
Recently introduced, Dania Zarr is FR’s answer to those fashion reporters who love to dig deep and tell it like it is to an ever-demanding public. How could she pass up the chance to cover one of the biggest anniversaries in the world?
852“Silver Zinger” Agnes Von Weiss
She’s as cold as ice like the song says, but is she really?  Since her introduction in 2006, Agnes Von Weiss has confused more than one fan with her numerous switches of allegiance, the announcement that she runs an underground spy network and other various outrageous claims…  And we are not even talking about her overall strange personality and questionable title here.  Who other than Agnes can claim that she invenented the color black and that “paisley is the new white” and get away with it???
850“Poesie Enchantee” Agnes Von Weiss
When Agnes heard that her sister Giselle was planning to re-visit all the designs that made the W Cosmetics ad campaigns so successful, she immediately jumped on the phone and made her pick.  There would be no other way about it and the gown Giselle would come up with had better be set aside just for her, or else…  After all, in Agnes’ world, the Baroness is Queen!!
869“Luxe Life” Vanessa Perrin
Veronique Perrin was a little shocked when in 2003 her younger sister showed up on her doorstep in Paris with nothing else than a dream and a small suitcase saying “Hey sis, I’m here and I’m not leaving.  I want to model for W!”
Six years to the day since that faithful morning, Vanessa has accomplished what no other Perrin has.  Now the interim CEO of W Cosmetics (while Veronique is away on a needed rest), Vanessa has managed to capture the hearts of FR fans like no other character has.
If only her sister would hurry up and get back to town.  She had so much to tell her.  But what was causing the delay? Vanessa had a suspicion she knew exactly what (or who) was keeping Veronique from getting back to W Costmetics…
857“Diamond Society” Eugenia Perrin Frost
The Perrin family is a class act.  From their royal lineage to the eldest daughter’s flair for style & business, everyone in that family knows how to dazzle the masses!
Here Eugenia Perrin Frost dons an edgy spin-off look designed by young designer Giselle Diefendorf which pays tribute to one of her famous cousin’s most iconic looks!! If only Veronique were around, she’d truly be honored… Eugenia will have to show her this fabulous frock as soon as she sees her next and she can’t wait!
859“Morning Dew” Giselle Diefendorf
Giselle (a top designer in the FR universe) decided to take you fans of Royalty on a voyage back through time to the closets of FR.  But do it her way! Always one to sport her own designs, Giselle is seen here wearing her rendition of one of the most iconic FR looks, the original lingerie worn by Adele & Veronique!
854“Evening Glow” Dominique Makeda
In the beginning it was established that in the world of FR, Veronique Perrin and Adele Makeda were the best of friends and that their cunning tribulations in the competitive world of the Parisian beauty industry would transport their fans into a place where beauty, fame and drama would walk hand in hand.
Soon, many new characters added themselves to the mix; some good, some bad, some strange, but all with plenty of attitude to spare.  With this said, though the world of W Cosmetics introduced us to many members of the glamorous Perrin family, the Makeda family always remained a bit of a mystery.
At long last, we bring you Dominique Makeda, Adele’s bright eyed cousin!  Dominique loves to model Giselle’s creations! As a matter of fact, she’s currently in negotiations with a cutting edge modeling agency based out of London. You may have heard of it – it’s a little shop called Nu Face!! Adele will not be too pleased about that one, but then again, she & Dominique don’t always see eye to eye!
“Red Zinger” Dania Zarr
“Ms. Zarr! Ms. Zarr!”, gestured an excited Vanessa Perrin from the other end of the sound stage, happy to be meeting her long time idol at last.

“Oh, Vanessa, great to see you. I”ve been following your career for so long now. I was wondering when we’d finally get to meet”, said Dania with all the honesty the sly TV host could gather.

“It’s such an honor for me and I’m totally excited to be here. I was very happy to accept your producer’s invitation to talk about the latest developments at W. This is an awesome opportunity for us. I try to do everything I can to make sure that when my sister comes back, she finds her corporation at the top, just where it was the day she left it in my hands!”

“Speaking of which, darling girl, where exactly is your guru of a sister and when is she coming back? The whole world wants to know! Many would pay top dollar for this information including this station. Tell me and I’ll give you a little something for your trouble. No one would need to find out about it”, said Dania, in a totally coy way.

“I can’t tell you that! It’s personal and besides, I’m here to talk about our products, not to expose the private life of my very own sister. She will come back when she is ready to do so, period.” Vanessa was getting a little annoyed and had to use every bit of Mademoiselle Jolie’s teachings to keep her composure at that point.

“OK doll face, we’ll talk about your potions for now, we’re about to go on the air. But trust me, sooner or later that story’s going to break and I’ll be the first to announce it, you can count on it”, Dania answered, clearly unhappy with the fact that she wasn’t getting anywhere with Vanessa and that today’s show would be gossip-free.

Suddenly, Vanessa wasn’t feeling so fuzzy inside about the person she thought was her favorite TV show host. She would need to have to have a little meeting with her PR team and discuss how they would handle Dania Zarr and her producer from now on.

577“Optic Verve” Agnes Von Weiss
Agnes couldn’t be happier with what she had achieved. So, it took a lot of planning (some would say scheming) to run a fashion house that was really just a front for a top-secret information agency, but life was good for the Baroness at the moment. She had gained the trust of everyone whose opinion she valued and was at the top of her game.

At that point, various buisness suitors were trying all they could to get her to sign with them by sending her expensive swag. She was getting all of the information she could possibly resell in the process of conducting buisness with these firms and she was starting to have more money than the Queen herself. Really, what else could a girl ask for? What else but love, that is! Yes, That’s what was missing to complete the complex puzzle of Baroness Agnes Von Weiss’ life.

That’s easily said, but who would be a good suitor for her? What man could possibly be bold enough to follow her in all her ecentric adventures? More importantly, could she really trust anyone to become that close to her? What if they found out about her double life?

For the moment, Agnes would have to keep on adoring her image in the mirror as she had done for most of her life. Who knows? Maybe another reflection would soon appear to complement hers!

“Flight Pattern” Kyori Sato
Kyori was livid when she heard about the Jordan rumor and the fact that Natalia would even entertain the thought of letting Dania Zarr on her set to discuss this totally unimportant gossip. Surely Natalia had learned her lesson after Missima and would not get involved in similar shenanigans again. Why on Earth would Natalia agree to the public humiliation that would follow one of Zarr’s so called “interviews”? The less than honest reporter had been known to use all of the tactics she could to get to any kind of juicy gossip to boost her ratings. Talking about cosmetics really just acted as a poor excuse for the reporter to spread rumors, which is really what her viewers were tuning in for every week.

Kyori was even more upset due to the fact that this would slow down the rhythm of the day and set the production even further back. This project was really important for her and she had invested a lot of herself into it. This was her big chance to come back on top following the recent mishaps in her life these past two years. First Club Royale, then her break up with Darius for that no good Takeo … No, this had to stop. She needed to focus and get her career back and Natalia was her only friend at this point.

Hopefully, Fatale would live up to her reputation once more and get rid of Dania Zarr quickly so they could get back to what they did best, create killer ad campaigns for their products!

09EugeniaDeconstructionSightCloseUpDeconstruction Sight” Eugenia
Eugenia Perrin Frost had a serious case of the winter blues. Her cousin Vanessa had sent her to Montreal Canada to open the French Canadian market for W and after a short while, the long cold days of late January finally made her long for the warmth of the South of France. When she met top stylist Marcello Mazzie at a local fashion show and he suggested that she should let him cut her hair to a short, sexy, asymmetrical bob, Eugenia immediately refused. Was he crazy? How could this perfect stranger even suggest such a drastic change to her signature style? If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, she thought, but she also knew what wonders a total makeover would do for her tired heart.

Marcello was the best. She had seen his work featured in worldwide fashion publications. For literally two hours, he told Eugenia over and over again that nothing could take away her beauty and that if anything, hair grew back! He also kept telling her things like “Trust me my daaarrrllliinng, it will be faaabyuuuuulouss!!!” with all the charm of his amusing accent. She couldn’t believe it when she heard the words “OK DO IT!” come out of her own mouth and she saw the first locks of hair start to hit the ground. Franco, her hairdresser back in London, would give her major attitude for letting this Canadian do this to his muse when he found out about this major change!

Eugenia was soon completely transformed. Marcello wasn’t kidding; this was no small change. Her usual bombshell look gave way to a newly revamped, runway-ready image that boosted Eugenia’s confidence to an all-time high. Now all she needed was the perfect couture dress to complete the look and she would be ready to tackle the rest of her assignment with renewed verve!

“Style Strategy”
Name: Lukas M.
Location: Finland
Project: FruzenStyle Magazine
Collection: Spring 2009

When he hears about something new, Lukas just needs to be the first kid on the block to have it and what he wants right now is a ninja to come to work for him, because, well, it sounds cool. This business is all fun and games to him and adding a ninja to his team, or even just saying that one of his models is one, is just the type of silly gossip that could get the agency talked about on the streets and Lukas thrived on that.

He picked up the phone and called his top talent scout, Maxwell Mac, a slim, trendy and very resourceful British fashionista with a lot of attitude.

-Mac, it’s Lukas; fancy a trip to Tokyo mate?

-Why? You’re not sending me on another of your wild errands are you? I don’t have time to waste anymore on people who contact you via email to offer you their so-called modeling “talents”. Mac was clearly annoyed by the suggestion.

-Oh, you could call this one wild indeed. What do you know about Ninjas? Lukas asked, totally amused by the scout’s reaction.

-What? Stop kidding me, I’m a very busy man, lots of pretty faces to scout in London you know, those models are not going to discover themselves! Mac was fuming.

-Trust me on this one, you are leaving at 10:00 PM, I’ve already booked your ticket. Come by the main office immediately. I have a proposal for you, an address to deliver it to and some anti-anxiety pills, you seem like you could use them!

Maverick would not take no for an answer. Mizutani would be an asset to NuFace and besides; we need more guys around here, as Lukas kept saying…Just what kind of guy and can he handle him, well…that’s another story!

“Exclusive Interview”
-This is Dania Zarr, BeautyTV reporter extraordinaire, coming to you live from the set of Natalia Fatale’s latest ad campaign for Renuaface, her latest nightime anti-wrinkle cream with retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids and all of that creamy goodness. I will find out for you if all of those rumors about that gorrrrrrrgeous new girl Jordon are true. Is it a scam my friends? Does she really work for “La Fatale”? Is Ms. Natalia back to her old “Missima ways”? All this and more after this commercial break.

-This episode of BeautyTV is sponsered by Heroiskin Complex by Fatale. Wear it one night, be addicted for life.

-I’m here with Natalia Fatale herself, former president of the now defunct Missima Cosmetics and current owner of Fatale Cosmetics. Natalia great to meet you, love the new look, you look so hum, refreshed.

-Great to meet you too; your complextion looks totally natural, good job.

-So, tell me is it true that Jordon is really secretly stealing secrets from W for you or is she really the exotic sweetheart the word on the street says she is?

-You don’t beat around do you Danyyyya? Or is it Daniiiiaa??


-Whatever. Anyway, as I was saying, I would never do anything to challenge my newfound friendship with the great Veronique Perrin. Dear Vero means soooooo much to me now, she’s a real pal. Truly she is. She and I are pen pals now that she’s off on a “retreat” of her own.

-There you have it folks, what could be more heartfelt than this statement? Next on our show, spray tans, hot or not?


“In The Mix”
Name: Takeo Mizutani
Location: Finland
Project: FruzenStyle Magazine
Collection: Spring 2009

When Lukas sent a talent scout on the trail of Takeo Mizutani with strict orders to recruit him for a modeling job or “don’t bother to come back”, a tragedy almost happened. The poor guy was mistaken for a private detective and well, let’s just say he will never go explore the Tokyo underground to offer a ninja a modeling job again. Not in this lifetime at least, he’d be far too frightened.
After he almost did the unthinkable, the martial arts expert was totally surprised, if not a little confused, but the documents being handed over to him by the trembling little fashionista who now stood meekly in front of him. Takeo started chuckling uncontrollably when he realized what had just happened. Why on Earth should he take the risk of exposing himself and blow his cover by becoming a male fashion model. As he started reading the proposal further (while the scout tried not to pass out), Lukas’ letter managed to drive the point home: the fact that all superhero’s, be they saviors or villains, had to have a secret identity. Of course, the owner of the Nu.Face Agency would’ve written anything in the letter to get Takeo to come over to his side. Not only would the ninja’s exotic, hard-edged good looks bring him success with his clients; someone of his stature could surely come in handy the next time one of the girls stirred up some trouble.

“Old is New”
Name: Giselle Diefendorf
Location: Finland
Project: FruzenStyle Magazine
Collection: Spring 2009

Mr. Maverick was full of surprises. When he told Giselle of his plan to seek out Takeo Mizutani and offer him a modeling job, she thought he was completely out of his mind. Who knew what could happen? No one really knew anything about the Japanese thief. Sure, from what little she had seen of him, he seemed fairly attractive, but why go through so much trouble to get a Japanese model? Besides, Giselle couldn’t help but wonder how on Earth Lukas found out about Mizutani being a ninja to begin with? Isn’t being a ninja supposed to be a really well-guarded secret and a bad thing? As far as she knew, except for the Perrin family and the few people involved in that heist last fall, no one had ever heard of him before or had seen him since.

Giselle automatically became suspicious of Lukas’ connection, but that would have to wait for her next secret brainstorming session with Agnes. Right now, they had a really intricate photo shoot to plan and the entire team had to be briefed and prepped for a trip to Finland. The Nu.Face models and Giselle’s latest collection that focused on “re-invented styles for a greener future” would be the central focus for the launch issue of a brand new fashion magazine and this could mean big money for them all. That, of course, is if the entire team participated. How on Earth would they convince Erin S. to give up the warmth of her sweet California to take a trip to Finland in the dead of winter? Maybe a ninja would come in handy after all!

“Style Mantra”
Name: Eden
Location: Finland
Project: FruzenStyle Magazine
Collection: Spring 2009

Eden was excited to go to Finland and she must have been the only one. This would be her first big solo modeling gig. Lilith, her twin sister, had a previous engagement and would be sitting this one out (and was quite happy to do so). Although Lilith and Eden acted like the fingers of the same hand in an eerie, almost telepathic kind of way, Lilith was a handful and a tad on the evil side. Her frequent moods didn’t always mesh with Eden’s more “fluffy” ways. Still, together they did make quite a duo in front of the camera and the demand for twins in the modeling business was pretty high, especially for perfectly identical twins as hot as these two.

When Eden showed up at the pre-production meeting, she finally got the chance to truly show off her style. Giselle and the other Nu.Face stylists working on the project decided to put her center stage on the spot! Eden would be the headliner of the entire spread, totally towering over the other models; her stunning red locks would look ablaze against the stark white settings of the glaciers. Eden would become the embodiment of fire and ice and at long last, she would be able to emerge from the shadow of her sister!

“The Making of…”
Name: Erin S.
Location: Finland
Project: FruzenStyle Magazine
Collection: Spring 2009

So, Lukas had landed the first really big modeling job for the boys and girls at Nu.Face and the client wanted almost every model on the payroll to take part in the shoot. So what? What on Earth would a hot little Californian babe like Erin be doing on top of a glacier in Finland, and why should she model for some obscure magazine she had never heard of? Couldn’t they just come up with some fake snow in a studio somewhere hot?

Not her, nor sir and Lukas would soon hear about it. No opulent flower deliveries containing little cards that said something like “Plleeeeeaaasaassssseee pretty, we really need you!!”, would get her to say yes to this photo shoot; or so she thought, until she saw who was handling said delivery that is.

Erin was a little spooked, yet slightly intrigued by the tall, gorgeous Japanese gentleman standing in the doorway of her posh London flat. Takeo Misutani stood there, completely calm and efficient, flowers in hand, as if he was just your run of the mill hot and trendy fashionista trying to impress a girl. Since when was Lukas using ninjas to deliver flowers? Misutani’s reputation preceded him, but Erin would not be swayed by the rumors she had heard about him, it was just gossip, right?

-So big boy, where’s your sword? ‘Cause you’re going to need it to drag me there. Erin said in the most sarcastic tone she could manage. I’m not making myself pretty for “frozen” magazine or anyone else in the arctic for that matter.

Takeo just gave her one of those smiles… His silence spoke louder than words. All the sudden, no was no longer an option …



“Cruise Control” Vanessa

(It’s a postcard from Vanessa to Vero, that has an image in the front in blue & yellow tones of 2 sail boats sailing down a river and it says “Egypt” at the bottom in black font)

Hey big sis!  Cairo is incredible!

I found this old postcard at the local market and I thought you’d enjoy it… I hate to brag but I was on a boat just like these with Ali yesterday… And what a trip it was!!

Well, I hope your little self-imposed exile is doing you a world of good, lord knows you needed the break. I really miss you, get home soon, the world is just not the same without you!

Love,  Vanessa



“Future Bound” Luchia Z.

Adele just had to make sure about Jordan; she just couldn’t allow her in the ranks of the W team if she couldn’t be trusted. But who was she? How come no one had ever mentioned the young socialite to her before, more so considering who her high-profile father was? Something just wasn’t quite right here. But who could discreetly give Adele the complete 411 on Jordan? Oh … but who else than Miss Luchia Z. of course! Soon, after weeks of asking around and going to every relevant party she could think of, Luchia called Adele with some news.

– Adele, daaaarling, it’s me, said Luchia in her usual siren-like tones.
– Hey, missy, so what’s the story? Good or bad? Adele cut right to the chase.
– Well, I’m not sure, it’s strange, it’s almost as if she came out of nowhere. You said she’s the daughter of a foreign diplomat, correct?
– Yes, my dad swears up and down that she’s the real deal!
– OK, I’ll keep on asking to make sure, so far for some reason the name Natalia Fatale and the word “protegee” keep coming up in the same sentence.
– That’s impossible, Natalia’s never been to Africa! Adele was floored.
– My sources could be playing with me, but I usually play with them … So my guess is you better keep your eyes on the future with this girl.

The message couldn’t be clearer: Jordan would have to prove herself trustworthy and free of Natalia’s questionable influences before would be allowed full access to the W Studio.



“Bionica” Jordan

In a desperate need of a break from her wild Parisian life, Adele Makeda decided to accept her father’s offer for a short vacation on the Cote D’Azure. Besides, how could she refuse? Her father had been driving her crazy lately as he kept insisting that she meet the daughter of this foreign diplomat friend of his. He was convinced she would make a great model one day, even though Adele kept telling him to quit pretending to be a head hunter for a model agency. Adele knew full well that her dad loved every girl he met and that he felt they should all be models, which had kind of become a running gag in the Madeda family. This time things would be much different.

When Adele arrived at the hotel’s posh lounge, she was surprised to see her dad sharing cocktails with the most gorgeous girl she had ever seen. Adele was a little puzzled; this was a little too good to be true. She was expecting to be introduced to the usual short, bland and conservative type of her girl her dad always tried to convince her to hire for W. But here stood a six-foot tall Amazonian looking Ethiopian beauty with the edgiest look Adele had ever seen. Dead on the money for W, Adele was floored; all of a sudden she would have to start paying closer attention to daddy’s taste in girls …


FR09_basicnatalia_CU_CC“HeatSeeker” Natalia Fatale

For months now Natalia had been working hard at making everyone believe she was a changed woman. She had secured joint business partnerships with W Cosmetics, design deals with Von Weiss, even modeling contracts with Nu.Face. Everyone was so impressed with the “new” Natalia. She was pleasant and actually kind of fun to work with. Her new cosmetic company was actually growing rapidly, which was kind of taking a lot of people by surprise.

Natalia was delighted, her plan was working and soon she would reveal herself to the world again. Not even her supposedly closest friend Kyori Sato suspected what she had in mind this time around, she no longer trusted anyone.

The truth is, Fatale had been working on planting her own people in every firm for months now. Since the demise of Missima, Natalia had lost most of her informants and new ones had to be found. How could she insure her own longevity if she didn’t know what the competition was up to? Everyone has a price and she knows it.

Would everyone discover who the spy in their midst was? Would these people be so obvious to unmask? Was Jordan really Natalia’s latest attempt at deception or would Natalia realize once more than even absent, Veronique Perrin is a force to be reckoned with? The future is filled with surprises!


2097b“Aerodynamic” Vanessa

Veronique was gone. After so many years of constant pressure and working so hard to keep W on top for almost 7 years straight, the older Perrin sister had decided to call it quits for six months and go on a much needed retreat. But who would hold the fort in her absence? What would happen to W Cosmetics if its top visionary left? Simple, another guru was ready to step in, a guru called Vanessa Perrin!

Does she have what it takes to hold the ship together? With the help of her friends, she definitely will! Ready for action with a new futuristic campaign featuring new top model Jordan, Vanessa is ripe to take her first gamble and make her sister proud when she returns refreshed and renewed …

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