IT closeups

Most of these that I put here were taken with a flash, so they’re the “quick & dirty” style pics.  I uploaded some to my flickr (without a flash) that are different than these if you’d like to see them.  My personal favs upon seeing them in person:  The blond Elise Jolie! Absolute perfection!  I also loved the brides more than I thought I would, and in particular Mina, or the Countess, shoot, maybe Lucy with those red ringlets… okay, if I had to pick one, then Mina.  I also adored the Carol Roth doll too – beautiful face & head of hair!

Sorry to do the quick post & run here… More pics uploaded tonight of alot of other things I saw there (loved Ellowyne & Evangeline!).

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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27 Responses to IT closeups

  1. piscessiren says:

    Thanks for the quick pics Shuga!

  2. Vince Nowell says:

    The FR2 dolls are to die for, and the Carol Roth doll is lovely. I like this year’s vampires better than the first collection. And I may be in the minority, but I love the new Veronique. I’m kind of kicking myself for not trying harder to join W Club this year. I would have loved to have tried to win the chance to buy the blonde. Wish these were being offered to the public.

  3. LauraLA says:

    Thanks! Your “quick” photos are fab — you rock!!!

  4. Carine says:

    Thanks Shuga for the pictures. The count is so much more handsome than I thought he would be. So tempted to get him and Mina.

  5. ChattyKevin says:

    Great shots Shuga! Thanks for posting them and looking forward to seeing more.

    I LOVE Modern Sensibility Dasha! Not crazy about her outfit, but her facial screening is wonderful. Hope you’re having a blast!

  6. Cici says:

    Thank you Shug for the quick pics. 🙂 I am very anxious to receive my Monograms after seeing these photos.

  7. Megan says:

    Thanks for posting, Shuga! Hope you’re having lotsa fun!

  8. brattea says:

    Thanks for these pictures! I’ve preordered blond Elise and on your photos she looks even better than on the promos… But – looking at Engaging Elise I see I should have ordered both…

  9. Andymy says:

    Tnx for the pics Shuga!!! I must say that i adore the red Headed Dasha !!! she’s my top favorite! And I love the new series of The Brides… especially Mina !! ALl the dolls are to DIE FOR! tnx a lot again for the pictures

  10. brattea says:

    They look much better than on the promos… I am happy I’ve preordered blond Elise, she’s really Flawless. And her green eyes…
    Anyway, looking at these pisc I think I should have ordered both…

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thank you shuga for
    Doesnt Modern Sensibility Dasha look like Nicole Kidman?

  12. lovindollz says:

    Thank you for showing us the pics. They are all very lovely!! I can’t wait to receive the Monogram Discreet. I am so glad that I preordered the Elise Jolie Flawless. She is gorgeous!

  13. nevraforever says:

    Thanks for the pix! The girls look great! Vero looks even better! And thanks so much for the closeups!!
    Question about the brides: Are the boots plastic?
    And how’d you guys do with the pre-ordering chaos with the FR2?
    I hope you guys were able to get the dolls you wanted. And have fun!!

  14. talija says:

    Thank you for the pictures!
    Love new Vero! Both!

  15. AnthoBuzz says:

    So glad I got Flawless Elise! Girl has cheekbones! Plus, your pics made the decision for me to order Dasha as well! The promo pics made her seem harsh, but we can see the actual results are quite the opposite!

  16. Carl says:

    Everyone wants to know Does Vero or Will Vero have lashes?!?!

  17. shugashug says:

    No lashes on vero

  18. shugashug says:

    Brides boots are not plastic

  19. michaelp says:

    Have a blast at IDEX! More pics! 🙂

  20. michaelp says:

    Gorgeous photos! THANX Shugashug! This line is good. Love the FR2 (me want), and the Vamps are hot. Vero is cute too! Happy they won me back. 😉

  21. Kem says:

    Hey Shug,

    Thanks for taking the time to post pictures 🙂 Veronique looks 100 times better in your pics than in the promos.

    I cant tell which of the two Vero I want the most.

  22. Tatiana says:

    Dear Shuga. Thank you for posting all those photos. It’s almost like beeing there myself.
    And the quality is just great. Ireally look forward to seeing more.
    Ello is really a star this year.

  23. Starr says:

    Thanks for all the pictures. I think I like the blonde Vero the best and those vampires are pretty cool too.

  24. Elentári says:

    Thanks for the pics Shuga!
    I simply adore Lucy – she is wonderfull!! But also Mina looks better than I expected.

  25. Steven says:

    Well now I’m not sure which Vero I like best. I’ve been saying Noir all along- but now seeing your pics, I think I like the blonde. I hope I win one and now I know I’ll be happy with either one.
    And seeing the Count’s mouth this close- now I know he’ll be getting his fangs removed.

  26. Veronica says:

    Thanks for the terrific photos Shuga!

  27. mona says:

    well, i did not win either vero. i tried to order the 2 elise’s and my order was confirmed- i was delighted. then my order was cancelled due to demand (this happened to many others also). i am not having much luck- i wish integrity would simply make according to demand- is this too much to ask. what do other’s think.

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