This is the end….

I’ve been working on a new site for about 2 months now and it’s finally moving day!  This blog site will still exist for those that would like to go back to older posts, but from this day forward you will get all your dolly-news at

It’s been a great couple of years, but I’m on to bigger & better, so join me at my new site!

xoxo, Shuga

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The Chic Chanel winner is….

Dun, dun, dun….   LISA!

Congratulations Lisa! Just shoot me an email at with your mailing address and I’ll get your winnings in the mail to you!  Thanks to everyone who participated!

I am using as my 3rd party draw service and you can see the public drawing here:

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Super Cute Baby Post!

Okay, I figured out how to get my text pics up on Flickr.  So here is my nephew Micah.  Cutie-patootie!

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Quick Update

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for following me the last few days!  I hope I provided enough pics & closeups for you to decide on what you want to order.  Nothing is better than seeing “real” pics  as opposed to promos.  It definitely made the difference in my orders!

I loved the blond Elise & the brides more than I was expecting to!  There was 1 particular Evangeline that was calling to me, but I don’t know if I’m ready to go into another line.  Same for Ellowyne – there were some awesome ones & outfits that I sooo wanted, but I better stick to the one I have.  (well, I say that now, LOL, what happens is another story)  The reborns AKA “dead babies” & animal babies were probably the highlight of my trip, they seriously amused me and terrified me all weekend long.  It was a great trip and I had an amazing time with my friends there, so thank you to my hosts & tour guides – can’t wait to see ya’ll again!

Okay, so I’m running a little behind on the giveaway drawing.  I got back home at 11pm on Sunday night and Mon, Tues, Wed are 9-9 days at school, so I’m sitting in the library now between patients typing this.  I will get to the drawing on Thursday morning. The other good news is that I became a 1st time aunt!! My brother and his wife had their little baby boy Micah on Sunday and I was able to swing by the hospital late last night to meet him.  Such a cutie-pie and the spitting image of my brother.  I will be the doting aunt later this week and post a pic of him, LOL.  So it’s been a full couple of days and I haven’t even unpacked yet!

Other good news – my holy grails were waiting for me when I got home!!! Kumi & Yuri arrived from their trip from Australia (thanks Rachel!!).  I hurriedly unwrapped them and they are gorgeous! Love that they’re on the NF body!  I will take pics on Friday and post here.  Now to figure out what they will wear…

My wonderful tour guides this weekend took me to Downtown Disney and I had a blast!  We ate at the T-Rex restaurant and went through a bunch of shops.  Of course I had to pick up a Boba Fett Mr. Potato head for the hubby & me, LOL.  I also loved the one shop there, “Trend”, and so I took some fun pics of the shop & the gorgeous window displays, so I thought I’d share a few here (the rest are on flickr).

Okay, back to my patient… I will be back later this week!  xoxo, Shuga


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IT closeups

Most of these that I put here were taken with a flash, so they’re the “quick & dirty” style pics.  I uploaded some to my flickr (without a flash) that are different than these if you’d like to see them.  My personal favs upon seeing them in person:  The blond Elise Jolie! Absolute perfection!  I also loved the brides more than I thought I would, and in particular Mina, or the Countess, shoot, maybe Lucy with those red ringlets… okay, if I had to pick one, then Mina.  I also adored the Carol Roth doll too – beautiful face & head of hair!

Sorry to do the quick post & run here… More pics uploaded tonight of alot of other things I saw there (loved Ellowyne & Evangeline!).

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Baby Monkeys

I know you all were on pins and needles waiting for a picture of the baby monkeys! So here’s a quick shot for you. I’m posting from my cell phone so I hope this works.

baby monkeys for sale

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I’m into a new line…

Well, I thought I’d share with all of you the new line I am starting to collect.

Umm, yeah, I’m totally kidding.  This one actually gave me chills, and not in a good way.  I saw women carrying these realistic babies around too, cuddling them, burping them, strapped into carriers on their chests, etc.  I was really looking forward to seeing this phenomenon ever since I heard about it last year.  Well, now I’ve seen it and I cannot un-burn the images from my brain.  You know I don’t like to really talk negatively about other people’s collecting choices because I believe “to each, his own”, but this has been a little creepy for me today.

The above doll in particular really creeped me out because I felt it was the most realistic.  The shading on the skin, the tiny fingernails, the veins beneath the skin were all too real for my taste.  On a movie set is the only place I feel they belong, not in the arms of women pretending that they are real.  Maybe I just don’t get it?  The realism is appreciated – that is pure artistic detail in my eyes, so I guess I’ll just leave it at that.

Okay, I will be uploading Integrity pics from my cellphone to Flickr tomorrow afternoon and then the “real” camera pics can’t be uploaded until later in the evening because I couldn’t connect to a wireless network at the event (believe me, I tried!), but at least you’ll have some closeup of the IT dolls on display early enough.  I also have 2 workshops tomorrow too, so I’ll post when I get a chance.  The link to my flickr is just above on the right column.


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