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IT closeups

Most of these that I put here were taken with a flash, so they’re the “quick & dirty” style pics.  I uploaded some to my flickr (without a flash) that are different than these if you’d like to see them. … Continue reading

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Tired of Dasha yet?

Okay, this post is dedicated to my friend Filip in Poland, who has been bugging me about taking photos, not caring that I’ve been sick and super behind in all my classes as a result of missing last week and … Continue reading

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Just sharing a redress of Elyse!  I love that she can put her ring on her ring finger! Top: DG boho fashionRing: MO GiselleBoots: DS EugeniaPants: PC Erin Earrings: BP Monogram      

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Wow, I think this doll is fast becoming one of my favs and I wasn’t expecting it.  And I’ll say it again, her name suits her to a “T”!  She is most definitely Always Polished.  So I washed out her … Continue reading

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FR2 2gether!

Ahhh, the comparison pics of our 2 new gals!  Skintone is quite a big difference with Elyse’s very pale translucent wonderfulness offset by Dasha’s slightly golden hue.  I also redressed the girls in normal FR dresses so you can see.  … Continue reading

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Wow, such a perfect name for this doll!  I was still unsure of her even while deboxing.  I’m over the moon for Elyse, so I was scared this one wouldn’t compare.  After getting her out, redressing, playing & photographing her, … Continue reading

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Okay, of course after I get home from an awesome convention I get sick, LOL.  Today I’m feeling a tad bit better so I decided to do some body comparison shots.  (And I’ll debox Dasha later on)  Here you can … Continue reading

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