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IT closeups

Most of these that I put here were taken with a flash, so they’re the “quick & dirty” style pics.  I uploaded some to my flickr (without a flash) that are different than these if you’d like to see them. … Continue reading

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New Welcome Home Furniture

Maryann Roy of Welcome Home Furniture has just posted a new “apartment” for preorder.  I absolutely love this set and the color combinations!  These are perfect for 12″ dolls and include quite a bit (furniture, walls, etc.).  If you’d like … Continue reading

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Fabulous New Monograms!

Day one into the new year & we’ve already got some fabulous Integrity news!  First is their addition into IDEX 2011.  They confirmed that they will have a booth at the event taking place from 1/27-1/29 in Orlando, FL, where … Continue reading

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NEW! FR: Monogram

WClub members got a sneak peek at the new FR Monogram doll “Extravagance” and 1st ever FR Monogram fashion & wig set called “Escapade”.  These are due to arrive at your favorite dealer in mid-late September and are both a … Continue reading

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2 Days To Go!

Ahhh, it’s almost here (can you hear me squealing??)  and the countdown is almost complete!  Tonight I have to finish packing and have everything ready for the 4 hour drive tomorrow.  So what does our countdown bring us to today?  … Continue reading

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Urban Environment Collection

Horsman just released a furniture collection for 12″ dolls!  I loved the 16″ collection, of which I purchased a white chair, and now I am loving this new collection.  Just what I need right?  More sofas & chairs, LOL,  but I’m … Continue reading

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IT Shipping Updates

We were commenting on how it feels like we’re having to put out so much money right now! I just paid for half of the convention fee with the other half due at the end of this month. I know … Continue reading

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