Dracula & His Brides: The Eternal Love Collection

Looks like another mini collection will be on display at IDEX!  This is the 2nd collection in the Brides of Dracula.  This time around they are Integrity items and not a collaboration with Ashton Drake, so they will be available at regular IT dealers.  We see the same 3 brides again, Mina, Lucy & The Contessa in new fabulous thigh high boots (I think I want all 3 sets of boots!), and they’ve got upgraded faceups!!  Plus…. The Count himself!!  Oh yes, those brides needed their man, didn’t they!

They are limited editions of 500, will retail for $125 and are scheduled to ship in April 2011.

**photos are property of Integrity Toys**


“Forever & Ever” The Contessa

“Eternally Together” Lucy

“Yours Evermore” Mina

“The Count”

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Chic CHANEL Giveaway!

Okay, in honor of all the excitement of IDEX I thought I’d start the year off right with a giveaway!  Dun, dun dun…

Today’s giveaway is CHANEL!  Which of your girls is looking for some high end luxury?  Just post which doll will be snagging this suit & purse and you’re entered!  I will pull a winner on Monday night after returning from IDEX.

The Chanel inspired suit is FR and fits larger busted gals, and I just won one at my local doll meet (thanks Joy!) and so I’m keeping that one and giving away my “slightly used but still in excellent condition” set.  The quilted Chanel purse is from LaBoutique and is a limited edition that was made to give away as FR Con table gifts, and I was able to snag an extra one for all of you (thanks Jenn!).  So without further ado, here is DS Eugenia modeling.

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BG Poppy getting ready for Orlando

So I asked JennFL which doll she wanted me to bring as my travel doll and she asked for the always fabulous BG Poppy, which she currently does not have.  I think this might be an evil thing to do to poor Jenn, LOL, I remember that I brought Venus Eugenia to IFDC last year for her to see and then she had to have her.  So I’m apologizing in advance for being an enabler Jenn!!

I left class early today to go home and do some laundry and get some outfits picked out to pack.  Then it was Poppy’s turn.  I’m personally loving the nautical theme I’m seeing come out lately and especially those classic Breton stripes, so I thought I’d dress Poppy in that style.  Hmm… we may kind of match at IDEX because I got the most awesome Breton striped top from Modcloth, with little ships on every other stripe and a super cute sailor tie neckline that I plan on wearing with jeans.  Yeah, me and Poppy dressed similar – maybe I am getting a little weird?  But then again, I heard there are tons of those realistic baby dolls at IDEX with ladies holding them in carriers or pushing them in strollers, so I guess dressing like my doll doesn’t seem that bad, LOL.  I can appreciate the artistic detail in those dolls, but traveling around with them I don’t really get.

Anywhoo, I told Poppy that she had too much luggage for 4 days, but she just shot me a look, so I didn’t say anything more.  She did want to tell everyone that I will be doing an end of the month giveaway here this weekend, so check back for all the coverage from IDEX and a super chic giveaway!

See ya’ll in Orlando!    xoxo, Shuga

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OMG! Did you see the new HJCouture?

Please tell me others out there were waiting to see Hucky’s new amazing collection?  Besides the gorgeous clothing, I’m always checking out his hairstyling awesomeness!  Did you see DR Giselle’s hairstyle?!!?!!  LOVE it!

Okay, just had to put my excitement out there!  I’m curious to see how quickly things get snatched up tomorrow on ebay.  I saw a couple of fashions I’d love to have, so good luck to everyone who’s trying to get one!

Here’s his Flickr link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/huckyjackson/

Here’s his Ebay link: http://myworld.ebay.com/huckyjackson/

*photos below are property of HJ Couture*



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HJ Couture Fashion Show

Just letting you know that the maison of HJ Couture will be having a fashion show this Sunday (through his Flickr site).  The collection is titled “Heart Shaped Ribbon” and will be available for sale on ebay the following day (all fashions are OOAK).  If you’d like to get on HJ’s email list, email him at: huckyjackson@yahoo.de  To see previous collections (he does amazing work!!) and to see the fashion show check out his flickr HERE.

**photo below is property of HJ Couture**


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V.Jhon Resort Collection

Updated 1/17 @ 7pm:  I fixed the link so it now goes to V.Jhon’s flickr site and good news!  he still has a few fashions available, so PM him through flickr if you’re interested!

Well, for some reason I’m usually late on getting any V.Jhon fashions (I think I only lucked out once) and this time was no different.  Of course this time I blame school, LOL, but I wanted to share his pics here since I do love his work.  He’s selling directly through his flickr site HERE.   I PM’d him to see if anything is left, but seeing that he posted the collection 3 days ago, I’m not holding out for anything.  Anywhoo, here’s his Resort Collection 2011 Part 1 (hey, maybe I’ll get a chance at part 2!) which was made for the smaller busted girls (NF, PP, DG, Monogram, Misaki).

**Photos are property of V.Jhon**

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Special Edition doll “The Entrepreneur Equation”

Wclub members were given a special link to order an exclusive doll on Wednesday.  Carol Roth (affectionately known as CJ on the WClub board) and her company created WClub and currently run it.  CJ can also be seen hosting the FR Convention each year alongside Alain and she has recently published a book called “The Entrepreneur Equation” (website here: http://www.carolroth.com/)  This special edition doll is to promote her new book and WClub members got a first chance to obtain this doll.

The doll uses the Anja facemold and comes on a NF body.  She comes with pink “leather” shoes, black “snakeskin” handbag, bangle bracelet and a miniature version of CJ’s book “The Entrepreneur Equation”.  This product is not being sold by Integrity Toys but through CJ’s company.  If you have questions you can get information at:  books@CarolRoth.com 

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