Going to the land of the gators…

Well I woke up today VERY excited, so of course I had to share with all of you!  So after a long day yesterday, filled with deliberating, pros & cons lists, internet searches and emails back and forth to my friend JennFL, I’ve made a decision….  I will be attending IDEX at the end of this month!!

I know, totally unexpected & oh-so spontaneous – it kind of reminds me of deciding to fly out for the NY Toy Fair 2 years ago, LOL.  I had originally planned on going out to visit Jenn and attend a Toy Fair party there with lots of other collectors next month, but thought: why not go this month and see tons of dolls in person?  So that’s what I’ll be doing!  Plus it gives me the opportunity to cover lots of the other lines of dolls for you and for the other blog I write for (Fashion Doll Review).  The exhibitor list is really huge!  https://www.regonline.com/builder/site/tab1.aspx?EventID=856632

So there you go – I will be flying out on a Wednesday, spending 2 days hitting up Orlando with Jenn and spending time with several other dolly friends out there (Hey Sugey, Frank, Peter & David!!) as well as spending a day at Universal to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  I’m told the Butter Beer there is amazing! 

The workshops I’m attending are: 

  • High Tea with Berdine Creedy (attending in place for a friend)
  • Building sets for the camera (set building for doll photography – see I’m trying to improve my backgrounds for you, LOL)
  • Ice Cream Social with Ellowyne Wilde
  • Tonner’s Sunday Breakfast

As far as I know they’re not sold out & I am submitting my payments tomorrow, so it seems like I’ll have no trouble getting in.  So there you go folks!  I’ll post tons of pictures from many lines of dolls, including Integrity, and hopefully pick up some good stuff at “Retail Alley”.  So Florida (and all you gators) here I come!

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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10 Responses to Going to the land of the gators…

  1. Fil_f&f says:

    Uuuuh… That is such a great news!!! It will be great to read your blog with the up to date info and your amazing pics!

    It reminds me of the spontanous thing that I did over 2 months ago (deciding to fly to the IT Convention a week before it starts :-D)

  2. ashleyp says:

    Hi Shuga ! I read your blog all the time,and I post on a lot of the boards ! I live in Orlando,so of course I will be attending IDEX . I will keep a look out for you,and would love to say hi !! Ashley

  3. shugashug says:

    Awesome Ashley! Yes, definitely look for me!

  4. lovindollz says:

    You lucky, lucky girl!! I can’t wait to see the pics from your blog. : )

  5. JennFL says:

    Shugsta coming to visit [huge grin]!! It’s about time! Girl, where were you when Alcide was in town. 😉
    Just remember that IDEX is nowhere as large as ComicCon, but since you love so many different doll lines….you’ll find lots to appreciate. 😀
    …bring on the Butter Beer!

  6. LauraLA says:

    Awesome!!! You two will have the BEST time I’m sure. Looking forward to your fabulous coverage. Someday I swear tht I WILL get to Wizarding World. Even though I’m not usually a huge Fantasy Fiction Fan I LOVED all those books. Hope you find a wand that matches your outfit, LOL.

  7. shugashug says:

    Thanks everyone! I think it will be a fun time! @ JennFL: if I’d been there when Alcide was I might’ve gotten arrested for stalking him, LOL.

    @ LauraLA: I will totally come home with a wand! Now you & Dollster have to come down to SD for the online ToyFair event and we can party together!

  8. Carima says:

    Have fun!! And please take pictures of new Ellowynes, if there are any… (I think so! *grin*)

  9. shugashug says:

    @ Carima- yes, I’ll definitely shoot Ellowyne and um excited about attending the ice cream social with her too!

  10. Starr says:

    I am so happy for you that you are going. I know it will be great fun. I am also happy for me because I will get to read all about it here!

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