It’s heeeeere!  The official 2011 WClub info!  So here we go…  Registration is open until 1/21/11:

This year registration includes:

  • DOLLS Digital Magazine subscription for the year
  • Coupons for discounts at over 20 online doll stores
  • Access to the online Toy Fair unveiling party with a special event doll!
  • Availability to order 2 exclusive FR club dolls
  • Availability to order 1 exclusive Poppy club doll
  • $20 off coupon for one of the above 3 exclusive club dolls
  • Special club lottery for an exclusive FR:Monogram club doll
  • 2 upgrade doll options: “Rising Sun” Kyori and “Spring Kissed” AG doll

So be sure to read all the information and choose a package that works for you!  See you all on the WClub board in 2011!

“Rising Sun” Kyori Sato

“Spring Kissed” AvantGuards doll (16″ with new knees, new face sculpt & she’s rooted!)



About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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12 Responses to 2011 WCLUB REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

  1. Samantha says:

    I’m so dissapointed in both. They look rushed, without any real effort, and like someone else said, the AG has no edge. I guess they’re trying to appeal to more, but going on the reaction on the board, they failed.
    She really does look like a DG, which I’d like if she was, but she isn’t.
    Sorry to be such a downer.

  2. brattea says:

    The new AG looks a little bit like Poppy… doesn’t she?
    As for Kyori – outfit is poor, but I like the accessories…

  3. Carima says:

    Its not love at first sight with either dolls for me, but I prefer the AG. I am actually considering going to choose her. It will be my first year as a W club member (still very new to the integrity dolls) and also my first AG. I love the make up on the older AG’s (the brighter the better, LOL) but I just cannot buy a wigged doll. Wigged is a big no for me. So the fact that she is rooted is a big plus for me. Plus I do like her face, although her make up should have been brighter to my taste.

  4. shugashug says:

    I was underwhelmed too Sam. But at least I’m saving money for once on the membership package! I am considering getting kyori for the belt and shoes though, LOL.

  5. shugashug says:

    Brattea, I was thinking that the AG looked a little like some of the new DGs too.

  6. shugashug says:

    Carima – it wasn’t love at first sight for me either. The AG intrigues me because she’s so different from the previous ones, but I won’t be ordering her. Congrats on signing up for your first year!

  7. Elisa of PetraElise says:

    Very excited to join the W-Club for the first time– but really not impressed with either doll. I agree about them looking rushed–like they just grabbed an available proto type and offered it. The only thing special is that they are available only with a membership. The good news is now I don’t have to come up with the funds for them!!

    Hope you had a great holiday Shuga!

  8. Fil_f&f says:

    I see that there is a lot of controversy already 🙂 Before I state my opinion I wanna say that I also joined the club today for the first time (hurrraaaay!!!)

    When I took a first glimpse at Kyori, I thought – Going Public Eugenia (because tanned in a white, short outfit). I think that her hair could be more “modern”, but the “double-colouring” looks great. The fashion – nothing new (shoes – blue variation of Lady in Waiting; jewelery – golden variation of Fine Romance; belt – orange variation of Life of the Party), but I think her make-up is quite nice.

    When it comes to the AG, I think that there is nothing avantguard-ish about her. She’s too sweet to be called an Avantguard. I agree with you guys that she’s more a 16″ DG (her outfit is even made of the same material as Need for Tweed fashion I think). But I gotta admit that I love her shoes.

  9. shugashug says:

    Yay elise! Glad you’re joining! It just means more money for other dolls.

  10. shugashug says:

    Yay Filip! Another newbie! There will be plenty of great dolls to get during the year so choose wisely!

  11. hunnipot85 says:

    I’m joining this year! Ya know I gotta get my hands on that Poppy doll. lol

    Shuga… do you know anything about the Poppy doll in the brochure? I love her! I need her! (you know the story… lol)

    Happy New Year!

  12. shugashug says:

    Yay Ann! I knew you’d be all over the offer of an exclusive club poppy! Wclub is worth the expense for the Poppys alone!

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