I think I’ve lost my mind… literally!

I feel like I’ve been MIA lately!  Tomorrow starts the final week of this semester and next Saturday & Sunday are my 3rd year end exams, which basically means from 9-5 on Saturday I take my written exams that test everything we’ve learned so far and Sunday I go for a couple hours for my practical exams.  This is prep for the board exams, but still, it’s alot to study for on top of all my class finals.  So basically I’ve been trapped in my house, not even able to see the light of day while I study.  (LOL, see what I did there?  I tried to evoke some sympathy from you all).

Anywhoooo, I got my MIA V.Jhon fashion yesterday and will take pictures of it tomorrow.  I guess it arrived on 11/22 but I never got a notice from my local PO, so it’s been sitting there patiently waiting for me to figure out that I had ordered it so I could come pick it up.  I totally forgot that I had it coming!  I think anything that is not related to Chinese Medicine has slipped from my memory banks, which you can verify with my hubby who’s getting irritated with me, LOL.  Anyway, pics tomorrow.

Until then, I thought I’d share this adorable video because it’s the Christmas season and because I love animals.

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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One Response to I think I’ve lost my mind… literally!

  1. Dante says:

    Ugh! Hate when my mail person forgets my slip. Thank God for tracking! LOL

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