Monster High Update!

Mattel plans a 3rd wave of Monster High dolls and playsets!  Technically these are planned for Spring 2011, but some may arrive in stores in late 2010 or in the first months of 2011. Details and pics as soon as I can find some.

  • Monster High Draculaura / Clawdeen Wolf Gift Pack – retail price about $30
  • Lagoona’s Hydration Station – Retail about $40  (This must be a large playset/dollhouse, given the price.)
  • Monster High Fashion Gift Set – retail price about $16
  • Monster High Dead Tired Doll Assortment – retail price about $12 (I’m guessing PJ themed)

And I found a pic of the Gloom Beach Draculaura! 

Has anyone else heard the rumors of 3 new dolls that are coming out?? An exchange student from the Arctic named Abby Bominable (daughter of the Abominable Snowman),  a ghost girl named Spectra Von Hauntington and Operetta, the daughter of Phantom of the Opera.  I noticed them listed as plushies on Amazon (no pics though) and they are listed on Wikipedia.

Cheezy guy from Atamaii, but it’s got a review of Frankie Stein’s bed:

**Photos are property of Atamaii**


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I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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9 Responses to Monster High Update!

  1. Betzaida says:

    I saw Abby and the ghost girl on but when you click on the link it says it expired!! I have all the beach gloom ones, they are super cute!! If I get to go to the next meet I will bring them!! 🙂

  2. shugashug says:

    Dang girl, you already have the gloom ones?!! I need to just preorder like you do, LOL

  3. Betzaida says:

    It’s called an addiction to Monster High!!! Lol.. I have the beds in pre-order and waiting for somebody to star putting the Dead tired series in pre-order! 🙂

  4. dal L. says:

    The guy in the video creeps me out and the doll bed in his gloomy basement
    give me visions of dollie torture. :0(

  5. Andrew S. says:

    I’m eager for the Gloom Beach dolls to reach more of america so I don’t have to get them for so much. They’re less than $15 usd at retail each, but people are popping them up on ebay for 10x that. despicable

  6. melissa says:

    I’m with you Andrew S these ebay people I mean I know they have to/want to make a buck but some parents can’t afford those crazy prices !!!! so there will be quite a few kids who will be sad this christmas 🙂

  7. jeff says:

    If you click and zoom in on the Draculaura bed pic you’ll see Ghoulia and Hyde advertised…

  8. shugashug says:

    Awesome! Thanks for that, I’m going to go zoom now!

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