Just a couple of things…

WClub members paid their balances on their 1st club doll, “Lady In Waiting” Dania Zarr.  We’ve been informed that she should ship shortly.  I’m hoping that I get a shipping notice today cuz then she’d arrive on Wednesday.  And… the rumor is that we’ll receive the announcement for the 2nd club doll shortly!  What’s on my wish list for that doll?  Well, I’m hoping for Veronique or another FR2 doll!

**Photo below is property of Integrity Toys**

Secondly, I finally broke down and got myself a Wonder Frog!  I’ve been loving them since seeing them in person at the 2009 convention where 2 were brought as travel dolls by my friends.  Then of course I saw them again at this year’s convention and since I’ve gotten home, I’ve been trying to find one.  I must say that it’s been a struggle, LOL.  These little frogs are very limited, sell out super quickly and then are double the price on eBay.  Plus only one store sells them to the US, which is BIC of course.  I had just missed the preorder period for Ginger Lucy, the new orange one with freckles.  Luckily I have some friends “in the froggy-know” and was able to get one!  Well, to be honest I purchased 2, LOL and a tiny frog (which is a smaller version of the same frog for them to play with).  So those are arriving this week! Yay!  Now I’ve got to find clothes for them.  If you’ve not been exposed to these super cute frogs, here’s a pic from the BIC website.

**photo below is property of BIC**

And thirdly, I’ve made the decision to take out the funky color from the twins hair.  Honestly I’m having a hard time redressing them because of that and I don’t want to have to buy a bunch of funky clothing just for them to wear.  Without the colored hair, they will redress into many more options than they can now.  It’s kind of sad because I love them this way, but you know I’m a redresser, and it would be a huge mental struggle for me to keep them in the same outfits forever, LOL.  So I plan to do that on Wednesday and take some pics. 

**photo below is property of Integrity Toys**


About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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5 Responses to UPDATE!

  1. Andrew S. says:

    totally sad about the twins, as I think they could surely rock any look, but if I may ask: could you document how the color was wrapped in? I’m trying to replicate the look on my own TJ but can’t seem to get the wrapping right by myself.

    Looking forward to all the pics!

  2. shugashug says:

    Yes Andrew I will take photos as I do it. I plan on keeping the hair so hopefully I can put it back in at other times. Hopefully it will work!

  3. Sydney says:

    I think Lady in Waiting Dania Zarr must be the single most beautiful Fashion Royalty doll EVER made. Seriously. I can’t stop looking at that picture, and it’s just the promo pic.

  4. alejandro says:

    you’ll want to try getting the hair pieces separate from the rooted hair before cutting the band, because it all falls out in pieces. if you have it separate, you’ll have a chance to save the hair

  5. Starr says:

    The frog is super cute!

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