It all goes by in a flash and we are thrusted back into the real world and out of our dolly coma.  My room looks like a tornado hit it and I’m a little overwhelmed to start packing.

I didn’t pay for internet today, but I have my trusty smartphone for access.  So if anyone has any questions please post a comment here and I’ll be checking back and answering them off and on today.

Last night Jason mentioned how next year is all about a return to what FR started as, which means more luxury, accessories are back, fabulous shoes and jewelry.  He also mentioned that price points should be better next year.  He also mentioned that Hollywood Royalty will be back and a new line will be unveiled next year as well.

I think that’s all I forgot to mention last night.  Okay, I know you’ve got questions, so ask away!

xoxo – Shuga

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About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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44 Responses to Bittersweet…

  1. corsetkitten says:

    Thanks again for sharing the whole experience with us Shuga! It’s been really interesting for me (I’ve never been to a doll convention, but I’d like to get to the FR one–in a year or so (I bet it’ll take me that long to save up enough doll money! LOL)

    Thank you so much for the insider’s view & everything! 🙂

  2. Cici says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your convention experience. You have such a wonderful enthusiasm for doll collecting and I truly enjoy your blog and photos. You make even the dolls I have low interest in desirable with your photos and styling. Cannot wait to see what you do with the twins and Eugenia. I wanted to know if there were anymore photos of the Monogram centerpiece? She was my favorite of the convention and I was hoping you or some of your other tablemates might have some more candids of her. Thank you again for being such a great convention reporter.

  3. Teddy says:

    Thank you very much Shuga for the coverage ! It was the best convention ever even if we’re not with you !

    Do you know if the fr² collection is the winter capsule collection ?

  4. sushipurple says:

    Did they say if the new Vero will be on regular body or the new FR 2?

    Thanks for all your photos and updates!

  5. anatchim says:

    When will the FR2 will be available, and what will the prices be? (Similar to convention Dasha?)

    Thank you so much for keeping us up to date… I had a great time from this point of the world, following your updates =)

  6. Marsha says:

    Giselle is beautiful!!! But even more beautiful is the preview of Veronique!! Now that’s what I’m talking about. That’s a doll I can get excited about. Thanks for the update on what’s coming next year.


  7. Rowan says:

    DG girl with the new facemold looks pretty sweet. Does she had a name? Is it a new character or what?

    Thank you, Shuga 🙂

  8. shugashug says:

    Thanks Cici! I know JennFL took some great shots of the monogram and you can check her Flickr pics. She took close ups of the shoes too!

  9. shugashug says:

    Hi Teddy, I believe the line is for 2011, but could appear for preorder at the end of this year.

  10. shugashug says:

    Hi Sushi, Vero will be on the regular FR body.

  11. shugashug says:

    Hi Anatchim, FR2 is scheduled for 2011, but possible preordering at the end of this year. No prices were mentioned but the prices of Elyse and Dasha were about $165.

  12. shugashug says:

    Hi Rowan, the DG is a new facemold. I talked to David B, but he told me she is not yet named. The Jett upgrade doll shares Gavins facemold.

  13. dal L. says:

    Thanks Shuga for all your wonderful posts here. I felt as if I were there!
    NOW I wish I were to help you pack! :0)

  14. Johnna76 says:

    Hi, Shuga, great great coverage of the convention, I wanted to know did they happen to mention where next yrs convention might be??

  15. Elentári says:

    I want to say thank you, for all information, the pics, the wonderful giveaways and just everything!! Reading your posts was just like being there… By the way, I loved your costume!
    You did a great job! Looking forward to convention 2011 and your great posts! 🙂
    Thanks ❤

  16. stacy saez/madfan30 says:

    hi Christina,
    did Wu happen to mention where the next convention takes place? thank you so much again for all your wonderful pics and info. hugs 🙂

  17. Starr says:

    Thanks so much Shuga, this was the next best thing to actually being there. It was such an exciting weekend and so many dolls. I loved hearing all about the upcoming info. Have a safe trip back and thanks again.

    P.S. All of this excitement made me go and buy a new doll. It was a Monster High Clawdeen, she has really great hair. (the brown haired one, I am still looking for the green one)

  18. Tatiana says:

    Thanks for being our “eyes” at the convention. It’s the next best thing to being there in person. I always enjoy reading your blog and hope you’ll continue for the unforeseeable future. Hope to see more pictures soon.

  19. hunnipot85 says:

    Shuga, when do you get home?!

    Also – was there any word on the availability of Vero? W Club only? Retailer exclusive? Part of the regular FR line?

    Thanks for all the coverage love!


  20. Thank you so much for sharing all the pics and stories.

    dolly hugs

  21. Catherine says:

    Thanks so much for the fabulous Convention coverage!

  22. Hailstorm says:

    Thanks so much Shuga!!! I love reading about all the excitement and news coverage. 🙂

    I have a question about FR2 – Why does Dasha’s head look so big on the new body? Is it the same size as the Fashion Royalty dolls? Too me it looks like her pics have her head looking bigger than normal….Elise’s looks normal to me.

    Judging from the pics as well it looks like FR2 is going to be a REALLY big line.

    Dominique – 2 dressed dolls 1 outfit
    Fuchsia strapless cocktail dress
    Long ivory gown
    Outfit only (pink Jumpsuit)

    Elise – 3 dressed dolls, 1 outfit
    doll – Raven/Short Black tuxedo wrap dress with red hat leopard shoes
    doll – Platinum Blond/Knee length black satin cocktail dress, flouro shoes
    doll – Brunette/ taupe chiffon ruched dress with striped cardi, hat
    Oufit only – black net baby-doll cocktail dress/Black glasses and clutch

    Dasha – 2 dressed dolls
    doll – Blonde/ Red short sleeve floor length gown.
    doll – Soft red/ Khaki shorts, straw boater hat, Navy jacket, Gold Glasses, bag
    (I’m wondering if this Khaki short doll will be outfit only) as if you notice the display,
    everytime they cover the dolls face i.e. “sunglasses” it indicated outfit only)… look at the pink jumpsuit and Black babydoll cocktail outfit).

  23. What a wonderful coverage you’ve given us Shuga. Its almost like being there, day by day, activity after activity, even feeling the excitement of anticipation for a prize… thank you so much for sharing and the extra information youve given all of us. .. at least now, we could say its a bright 2011 for the IT dolly world.

    Time to save up! LOLs.


  24. Vince Nowell says:

    I can’t thank you enough for all of your coverage! You have made this weekend so much fun, and as a new FR collector, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year 🙂

  25. shugashug says:

    Hi Johanna, no mention of next years convention.

  26. shugashug says:

    Hi stacy, no city was mentioned for next years event.

  27. shugashug says:

    Congrats Starr on your Monster High doll!

  28. shugashug says:

    Thanks Tatiana! Yes, pics will be coming on Wednesday through Friday.

  29. shugashug says:

    Hey Ann, I’m in the airport now and get home at 10 tonight.

    No word on where Vero will appear or when exactly.

  30. sharon says:

    Thanks bunches for taking time to cover the convention for all of us unable to attend.Its almost like being there.Yes its sad the party is over but think of all the fun you’ll have playing with all your goodies when you get home!:)

  31. shugashug says:

    Hi hailstorm, I think its the pics that made her head look big. I’m deboxing her on Wednesday so I should have some better pics then.

    The FR2 line I think will be very big!

  32. nevraforever says:

    It was nice meeting u shug!!!!!!! It was more than expected and since I’m no longer a convention virgin I’ll be ready for it next year. Thanks for the trades and being so cool to your groupies. LOL

  33. shugashug says:

    Hey Nev! It was nice to meet you too and finally put a face to the name! Glad you had an awesome time there! See ya next year!

  34. Silvana says:

    Thanks so much again for sharing all your experiences with us, Shuga.
    Do I understand right, Dasha is the only FR2 who’s available at this point. The other FR2 will be scheduled for 2011? I ask, coz I hardly want the Dominique wearing the fuchsia cocktail dress. 😀

  35. shugashug says:

    Yes, just dasha now and the Elyse centerpiece from the luncheon. The rest will be next year or maybe preordering at the end of this year.

  36. Gatsby says:

    Thanks for the coverage, it was great! I’ll have to go to a future Integrity convention, they really know how to throw them!

  37. Carl says:

    HI I’m new hope to meet you next year at the convention
    I follow u on Flickr
    Let me know if your on FB!

  38. michaelp says:

    Hi Shuga! Thank you again for sharing all of your convention photos and news with us.
    Very sweet. Safe trip home and enjoy all of your loot!!! 😉

  39. Al says:

    Shuga, thanks for the almost instantaneous coverage of the convention…you made me feel like I was there. Don’t know how you managed it but I am grateful!

  40. Carter says:

    Thanks for the great coverage.
    Was there any talk about the AvantGuards for next year?

  41. BTW shuga, am concerned about prices, i saw from JennFL’s pics some prices for the dolls, are they just for the convention attendees? or are those the definite prices of the collection? thanks. 🙂

  42. shugashug says:

    Hi Carter, no word on the AG line for next year.

  43. shugashug says:

    Hi Cholo, those are special prices for attendees. We were given suggested retail prices too, which are higher.

  44. shugashug says:
    October 31, 2010 at 11:14 pm
    Hi Cholo, those are special prices for attendees. We were given suggested retail prices too, which are higher

    any ideas? need to save up on the twins and eugenia. :))

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