That’s right folks!  It’s the Shug’s birthday today!  Bringing us to the grand total of…. 37! Whew, LOL!  Woke up this morning to see Poppy holding a birthday card from the hubby.  My lightset is still setup on the dining room table waiting for the final deboxing of… She’s Arrived Poppy giftset, which will come later on today.  So he got up early and put my card in Poppy’s hands, LOL.

And the cool shirt he got me (‘cuz he knows I love me some zombies & superhero girls!) is this one with the girl superhero fighting zombies.  (Available from Threadless HERE)  So here’s a pic of the front:

and on the back she’s blasting zombies!

Last night I did a little family get together with my parents and BBQ’d some carne asada.  Yum!  Opened presents and got some great new cookbooks, some clothes I needed, a cool new vase for my “new & improved” living room and an awesome pair of earrings inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.  I’m a big fan of his architecture and my parents went to visit one of his designs and my mom picked up this cool pair of earrings in the gift store there. 

I’m a BIG earring person, I just love accessories, and I’m known in school on my clinic shifts (and with my patients) as “the earring girl”.  LOL, we’re not allowed to wear any jewelry other than a wedding band on shift because necklaces & bracelets will get caught up on patients while we’re working and leaning over them.  Plus we are required to keep our hair pulled back and we have to wear our white doctor’s coat, so I feel like I can’t express myself, LOL.  (I would’ve never done well at a school that had a dress code!)  Anyways… So I always wear a cool big pair of dangly earrings on shift so I feel like I can somewhat accessorize, hence “the earring girl”.  So this birthday pair is getting saved to wear next semester!

Another awesome present came from my Dad, gotta love him!  You all know now about my obsession with Wonder Woman growing up, well, he picked up the newest 2 editions of Wonder Women from DC Comics!!  I’d been waiting for these to come out, but hadn’t thought about them in awhile.  I think they came out in early July.  Anyway, issue #600 introduced the new Wonder Women costume!! 

The comic is a nice big beefy issue which looks back at Wonder Women through the years, has a cool introduction from Lynda Carter with pics and about 3/4 through it starts the new storyline.  At the very end there’s a page about the new costume design from Jim Lee.  Her new costume (because I’m sure it was hard fighting crime in that one piece bathing suit, LOL) “updates” her look and now she fights crime in black leather pants and a little bolero jacket.  All her signature items are still there:  bracelets, tiara, magic lasso, etc.   In the story I thought it was cool that her bracelets, which tie over her hands have a “W” on each one, and so now she can leave a “W” mark on the bad guys when she punches them. 

And finally, as promised, I am revealing my “new” living room!  Before, it was in greens with my dark brown leather couch and dark wood furniture.  I wanted to really update and make the living room more modern to go with the rest of the house.  So I repainted in 2 shades of grey, added white elements in and used dark eggplant purple as the splash of color.  I’m really happy with how it came out!  Next up in the house:  crown moulding, refinish the fireplace and take out the carpet to put in either tile or hardwood.  Of course this won’t be done until we finish the backyard decking, which is our next project over the next few months.  No one tells you that when you buy a home that you are constantly doing projects and spending money!  I’m thankful for tax returns, otherwise I don’t know if anything would get done!  I still need to pick up a couple of more items and some more white pots to repot my other houseplants, but it’s almost complete!

Here’s the boooring BEFORE picture:

and now the exciting AFTER pictures!

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Happy Birthday!! The birthday card idea from you husband was so sweet! Sounds like your celebrations have been wonderful so far – enjoy the rest of your day!! Oh, and I love the greys in your livingroom!

  2. Susan K. says:

    Happy Birthday, Shuga! Enjoy your day! (Those earrings are fantastic!).

    Love your living room’s new “look”! We’re in the process of remodelling ours, too … a new ceiling (don’t ask), new drywall, new hardwood flooring (over top of the old, wrecked, crappy hardwood from when we bought the place ten years ago), new colour scheme … and hopefully new furniture and t.v. system soon! Thanks for sharing what you’ve been doing–very inspirational! (And thanks for the Wonder Woman update … I used to collect WW comics in the seventies and early eighties, and just recently sold them all … but it’s great to see what the Ultimate Super Heroine is up to these days!

    Susan K.

  3. madfan30 says:

    happy birthday Christina!!!! i was so good to read you had a wonderful night with the family. your earrings are gorgeous. your parents are so sweet . also thank you for the ww costume update. i didnt know she was getting a new costume and drawn by lee is wonderful. it is a more practical costume to fight crime but im still a big lover of her old costume. i really like that a W will be imprinted on her enemies when she punches them ,thats too cool. i love your living room make over. im always re-arranging my rooms too. its a bad habit. anywhos enjoy your day .hugs,stacy 🙂

  4. Fil_f&f says:

    Happy Birthday Shuga!!!

    You got some amazing gifts there. It is great that your parents know exactly what to get you. Mine would get me another shirt or pens or something (but I love them anyway ;-)) Your living room looks great. I like the shade of that grey. Plus I love that tall lamp you’ve got behind the sofa 🙂

  5. LauraLA says:

    Happy Birthday Youngster!!!

    The new paint color is fabulous. Nice birthday haul. It is kind of amazing that super heros maanged to keep the same costumes for years and years. Of course, not nearly so amazing as the fact that people couldn’t tell Clark Kent was Superman because he was wearing GLASSES!!!

  6. Starr says:

    Happy Birthday! Love the grey.

  7. Sam says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    Those earrings are very awesome – and who could resist the super girl/zombie combo 😉 Your ‘new & improved’ living room looks fantastic too!

  8. hunnipot85 says:

    Happy B-Day Love!!! 🙂

    Love the new paint scheme and such cute gifts 🙂

    Adorable how hubby put your card in Poppys hands… hehe 🙂


  9. Frjunkie81 says:

    Hope you had the Happiest of Birthdays! You deserve nothing but to enjoy it with your loved ones! Don’t forget your dolls love you too and they are reluctantly giving the spotlight now…. Come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We all miss u!!!!!!!!

  10. Paris W says:

    Happy Birthday Shuga!

  11. talija says:

    Happy Birthday!

    It is so great to get gifts that you actually like!

    Love the earrings as well! They will definitely stand out!

  12. stephan says:

    happy birthday!!!!

  13. shugashug says:

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!!!

  14. Anthobuzz says:

    Big happy birthday to you! Hope it was a special one! Would love to see updated pics of your dolly room and displays! 

  15. bogna says:

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  16. jen eugley says:

    loving the grey in that room – it instantly makes it look so much more hip and modern! accent colors are such a great touch, too.

    the one thing i liked better about the old room was that daniel craig was on the TV, but i guess that could easily be added to the new room…

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