Mais Oui Giselle

So, as most of you know, after Eugenia then Giselle is my favorite character.  (Hey out there, I still need Costume Drama to complete my Giselle collection, so if someone wants to rehome her, let me know!  Nude is fine too!)  Okay, sorry, had to put that out there.  Well, as a Giselle fan, I have to purchase any and all of her.  Mais Oui is the first time she’s had dark hair, which I was VERY excited about.  I had been in the process of trying to find an extra Masterpiece Theater to reroot when this doll was revealed.  Of course I may still get one to reroot, but in the meantime my sassy redheaded Giselle is here  She’s got amazing violet eyes and her eyemakeup is done in shades of grey.  So, as you can see, she’s a nice contrast to Morning Dew!

After seeing the “medusa” hair on Sooki I was afraid that Giselle’s would be the same.  Definitely not!  Love the wavy dark auburn hair!  She looks so amazing with this color!!  What else can I rave about here?  Well, the outfit I totally adore, from the cool jacket with those flipped corners to the dark green ruffled skirt with purple shirt, I just think it’s such a cool and trendy combo.  Yeah the skirt edges are unfinished and thready, but whatever, it’s a statement piece that counters the stark lines of the jacket, I get what they were going for and I find it edgy.  Okay, the ring is HEAVEN! Love that big square cut hunk-a-bling!  And the shoes! My oh my, I could TOTALLY rock a pair of those kick ass shoes!  I love the “gladiator” thing going on with shoes lately and this pair completely floats my boat.  I thought I’d have trouble putting them on, but the wrap part has velcro so I just lifted up the buckled strap, unvelcroed the ankle wrap, put her foot through, re-velcroed the wrap and slipped the buckled strap over and VOILA!  Shoes are on with no trouble at all.  I’m honestly thinking this girl will stay in this outfit for a little while.  I know she’ll look amazing redressed, but I’m digging this ensemble. 

Okay, onto the pics!  Tomorrow I will start with TOTT Eugenia so check back for more pics then!


About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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17 Responses to Mais Oui Giselle

  1. anthobuzz says:

    ooh yay about the hair! i was worried it was going to be crunchy too!

  2. Marti a.k.a. The Hot Mess says:

    Hey, I noticed you mentioned this is the first “dark haired” Giselle. Not necessarily true if you count (and i technically don’t) In Yuzen Blossom Giselle which was dark haired with blonde streaks (a truly ugly doll, and she came with real rabbit fur, yucky!) Anyway, love your pics, and have wanted to see masterpiece theater Giselle as a raven doll for a while now as I think her make up would read very dark and goth with darker hair. Once I get a chance to pay for my Mais Oui Giselle, and she arrives, i’m thinking of having her lips darkened, but I’ll have to wait till she arrives to make my decision…

    Love your blogs and pics, keep up the great work, muah

  3. LuiZ says:

    Fantasitic! she’s wonderful, Ihope you update the story line too! congrats 😀

  4. shugashug says:

    Yeah I always leave out in yuzen giselle since she was on a misaki body.

  5. shugashug says:

    There are no more individual storycard. They will update the storyline at each years convention from now on.

  6. Fil_f&f says:

    When I saw her on the Integrity Toys site for the first time I thought that she’s one of the coolest from this year. I see that I was right looking at those pics. I love the photo with the ring, Shuga. Thx for showing us this detail. My camera wouldn’t do it 😉

  7. Natasha says:

    Thank you for the review!
    I didn’t get this girl, so it is nice to see everything:)

    And I LOVE those SHOES!!!!

  8. frjunkie81 says:

    I received mine last Friday, and the Clones on Monday… I don’t really care for the eye color but it does work on her. I have to play with her a bit more… Did you wash her hair, or just tussled her curls? Overall she is a great addition. Thanks for sharing as always!

  9. JennFL says:

    I’m confused….after seeing the continued popularity of “Runway” Vanessa’s glorious curls, I’d think that similar styles would be popular. 😀

    True, VV Sooki had “crunchy” curls – but they’re still funky & fresh! Yes, I washed mine, but I wanted her ‘softer’….still like those spirals though.

    A little ‘wave’ action is a good thing IMO…so I can’t wait to see this Giselle in person! She looked absolutely amazing at the IFDC. Nope, mine still hasn’t arrived 😦

    Also, how’s the skirt? Someone mentioned ‘fraying’ (more than usual), so was wondering if that “Fray Check” stuff from the sewing/craft stores were in order? Again, the Giselle at IFDC looked just fine in that department, too!


  10. Sam says:

    She is soooo gorgeous, congrats 🙂 Giselle is so striking, but she really does look fab as a redhead. & those shoes – yum! I would not say no to a human sized pair of those either. And yes, that ring *is* killer.

  11. dollissimo says:

    These dolls are stunning – and loving the stylistic pics. The faces really make an impact…

  12. bogna says:

    She’s just georgeous 🙂
    I am still waiting for mine… Your pics make this waiting even harder…

  13. Kaye says:

    Hi just a quick observation is your Giselle’s hair up to waist length? Mine is quite short just up to bra length.

  14. shugashug says:

    Mine is bra length too. Sometimes it looks longer in the pics because of the angle.

  15. Kaye says:

    thanks! 🙂

  16. Ann says:

    This doll has been speaking to me for a couple of months now. I finally could no longer ignore it and ordered her today! So excited – she’s gorgeous! Thanks for the pics!

  17. shugashug says:

    Congrats! She’s a beautiful doll!

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