Comic Con: Day 3 The ups & downs

I think I’m really getting worn out, LOL, coming home at 11pm to wake up again at 6am to head downtown.  The hurry up to wait in lines, the endless walking and standing.   The adrenaline rushes and then the crashes.  Today I feel wiped out.  Day 3 started out a little off, so it’s no surprise the rest of the day was up and down.  This morning I completely slept through my alarm for an entire hour!  So basically I rushed to get up and get going and was on the trolley an hour later than I had planned.  The first few hours I spent on the exhibit floor again going down the aisles I hadn’t seen before (you can NOT see everything in a day).  So it seemed to be a nice leisurely morning.  Picked up some cool T shirts and toys.

**Who ya gonna call?**

Actually my inital plan was to get downtown early to attempt to try to get into Hall H (the biggest @ 6500 seats) for the 11:45 panel of Green Lantern (I love Ryan Reynolds), Sucker Punch (luv Zack Snyder’s work) and then Harry Potter.  When I got down to the convention center the line literally wrapped around the entire center before it went inside through all the switchbacks.  I talked to several people in line and they said people had camped out the night before!  And by 1am there were already tons of people in line.  Most everyone was there for Harry Potter more than anything else.  Oh well, maybe one year I’ll actually get into that hall and see what it’s all about.

**Harley Quinn**

So instead I went with plan B and I was able to hit my 2 lit panels in the morning.   “Reading with Brains: The rise and unrelenting stamina of zombie fiction” and “Fang girls and Fang boys: the popularity of vampire lit”.  These were both really great panels and had several authors on the panel.  Really fun!  Then I wanted to go to the Rock Band 3 panel (for the upcoming game release) at 12:30 but I wanted to be in for the V panel at 2:30 but that was in the 2nd biggest ballroom.  I kept weighing my options because of the wait from yesterday to get in to True Blood in that same ballroom.  Should I go to Rock Band and possibly miss V and even Fringe?  Or should I just go to the line for that ballroom and miss RB but definitely make V & Fringe?  But ultimately the hubby and I and friends are hardcore Rock Band players (our band’s name is “Wednesday’s Cabbage” and you can call me “Harley Rose” aka the coolest, most rockin’est fake drummer around!) and I knew that no one would forgive me if I didn’t attend that panel.

I can’t remember which game their from!

I’m so glad I made the choice to attend the Rock Band panel!  We got to see a demo of the new game, see all the new instruments and Q&A with the designers.  It was a blast!  I won’t go into all the details here but this was exciting for me, LOL.  The best part was the freebie giveaway at the end.  I was thinking we’d get a shirt or keychain or something small but instead they gave everyone a copy of the newest game “Green Day Rock Band”.  Freakin’ cool!  That’s a $50 game!  So I quickly called up all the band members to share all the new details on the new game release (now with keyboard and 3 mics to sing harmonies!) and share with them that we got a free game! yay! 

**Batman & Catwoman**

After the RB panel I practically ran to the line for Ballroom 20 with the V panel starting in 1 hour.  I seriously doubted that I could make it in by that time but I was also waiting for Fringe and Vampire Diaries which followed V. I don’t know what happened, but the line gods were with me today and I eventually made it in right when V was starting! yay!  Great fun panel with sneak peeks at the new season.  This was followed by Fringe which was also a great panel although no sneak peeks.  Then the highlight of my day was the Vampire Diaries panel.  I know, I know, I feel lame even saying that I’m a hardcore fan of that show, but I really truly love it.  After a few episodes into the 1st season it gets really good and now I’m a total addict.  Maybe it’s because Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon is soooo freakin’ hawt!  My oh my, that is one fine piece of man candy and his character Damon is a serious bad boy bad ass which makes him even hotter.  He totally makes that show exciting!

**Captain America**

So basically I was screaming right alongside the teenboppers in the audience.  Although I saw a ton of older women in that panel and they weren’t with their daughters!  The good news is that Ian is hot and the bad news is that Ian was too hot, meaning that for some reason once he came on stage and I was photographing him all my pictures erased.  Or maybe it’s because he’s really a vampire, LOL.  I don’t know what happened but my heart is broken.  I got 2 shots of the panel and none of the rest are there!!! waaaaaaah!  Now I don’t have my 40 pics of Ian to stare at as I go to sleep.  I even pushed my way up through the crowd of young girls to get really close to the stage.  All that and not a single shot of him! Plus I’m missing a ton more costume pics!  And that’s basically how my day ended.  Now it’s off to bed (early for once) and back to the con in the early morning.

**From Resident Evil**

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I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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One Response to Comic Con: Day 3 The ups & downs

  1. JennFL says:

    Hey girl, so bummed to hear about your missing photos! Nothing sucks worse than that…but at least you have your memories and many other kiss-arse photos! Can’t imagine what happened to your memory card…wonder if you came in contact with something magnetic. ???

    Anyway, sounds like you’re having a blast so good for you!
    Congrats on your new Rock Band game, too. (Had no idea, girl!…you do know that Chris plays electric guitar like a pro and has tons of guitars/amps here?). Ironically, that doesn’t make him a Guitar Hero champ…. 😉

    Cool that you got to see Nathan from “Castle”! Love that guy!

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