Comic Con: Day 2: Panels

So today was pretty much a planned day.  It was to be panel discussions all day starting at 10am and ending with True Blood at 5pm.  So again it was up at 6am and to the trolley to catch a ride downtown.  Today a friend from my doll club here (and fabulous IFDC table host!) picked me up from one station and we rode down to the convention center where she had a prepaid parking pass.  Sweet!  It was nice to just park right there and the traffic wasn’t even that bad!  I think I’ll definitely pick up a pass next year. 

Arrived around 8:10am and headed straight for the line to Room 6BCF for the Hawaii 5-0 panel at 10:15.  The line was already pretty long.  I eventually got into the room around 9:45.  We got free T shirts (all freebies are given out by tickets that you claim in a redemption room) and it was cool to see Jin from LOST who plays Chin Ho on the new series.  We saw a 10 minute clip and got to hear that iconic theme song.  They actually looked up and rehired all the original musicians to re-record the theme song just as it was in the original.  People were excited to hear about that.  The series looks really good and I’ll definitely check it out.  It also stars Alex O’Loughlin (who I loved in Moonlight) and Scott Caan.

Here’s the preview:

Then afterwards was The Walking Dead panel.  I was excited about this because I am a fan of the original graphic novels/comic books.  Well, I love anything zombie, but it’s really a great series, so to hear about it being brought to TV was pretty exciting.  It is going to be on AMC and I really like what they’re doing with their programming (MadMen and Breaking Bad) so I knew this was going to be great.  They’ve got an amazing writer and director and the original comic book writer is on staff to help with the series too.  Out of all the panels today this was the 2nd most enthusiastic crowd (second only to True Blood).  The crowd went wild when they played the 10 minute sneak peek!!  I was freaking out at how amazing it looked and how they got those iconic panels from the comic book up there on screen.  I could really tell they respected it’s original form and wanted to stay true to that.  It honestly is going to be great (and pretty darn gorey and freaky too!).  Here’s a shot of the actors:

Here’s the bootleg preview straight from Comic Con (official one’s not up on AMC yet):

I got out of those 2 panels about 1pm and as I was exiting my dolly-friend Valerie called me to see if I was in the room for True Blood and I told her I was just getting out of this panel and was heading to the line.  She told me she was already in line and I could join her.  This was the luckiest break I had today!!  When I walked over to the line for Ballroom 20 it was actually pretty ridiculous.  It was a few city blocks long I’m sure, but all snaked in and out (like switchbacks).  I saw the end of the line and it was inside the building, then it went outside the building underneath all these white tents before it led back into the building for another long line before getting to the ballroom.  Honestly, pretty crazy and this wasn’t even the biggest room!  I can’t even imagine what it’s like to get into Hall H!  Anyway, Valerie was pretty far down the line (still outside) and had been in line since 11:30am.  Wow!  So I got into line and eventually we made it inside the room.   Unfortunately she and Tamara and her husband weren’t able to make the panel they wanted (Big Bang Theory) and we got in towards the end of the Bones panel around 2:30pm.  When we got in we basically had to sit in the back.  Then after each panel as people leave you can move forward.  I found out later that the people in the front for True Blood had sat in there all day!  Crazy, right?

So after Bones we moved up for the Joss Whedon panel.  He’s freakin’ hilarious!  He was highly entertaining and announced that he is going to be doing the Avengers movie! Yay (yes, I’m a comic book nerd!)  It was basically a Q&A panel but I loved it!  There was a guest appearance by Nathan Fillion who snuck up to the microphone to ask a question in disguise.  When he ripped off his hat and fake mustache the crowd went wild!  I’m a huge fan of his since Firefly and Serenity and now on Castle, so that was a treat!  After Joss was the “Women Who Kick Ass” panel with 5 actresses.  I was happy to see Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliette on LOST and now she stars on V) on the panel.  It was a fun panel and I got to hear more about Sucker Punch (by Zack Snyder) from Jena Malone, so I’m looking forward to that movie.  After that panel I couldn’t even move up again because basically by then everyone wasn’t leaving because True Blood was up next!

This was the biggest thing for me this weekend, and you could feel the adrenaline in the room!  It was craziness with 3000 crazy screaming fans, LOL, me included!  Finally they came out and we saw a spoiler reel of what’s coming up the rest of the season! Holy Moly – its gonna get craaaaaaazy!  I don’t read the books, so it’s all brand new to me!

Spoiler Reel click here!!!  If you don’t want to know then don’t click it!!   Season 3: Comic-Con Second Half Preview

We got awesome freebies from the event (I’m picking mine up tomorrow but I saw someone’s on the trolley home).  TB bag, VILF shirt, notebook, postcards and some other misc. things.  Yay!  Here are some random shots from today and some costumes.  (plenty more on my flickr)  Tomorrow is another early day!  I’ve got a “geek out” panel and then some TV show panels to attend. 

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7 Responses to Comic Con: Day 2: Panels

  1. Samantha says:

    The Walking Dead looks AMAZING!!!
    A total must see show!!!! Thanks for all the info!! 🙂

  2. Samantha says:

    P.S. just found out that the UK are getting the show around the same time!! I’m so excited!!! 😀

  3. OMG! true blood *faints with overload of fandom*

  4. Terri Gold says:

    Well that was exciting. (TB Clips) My heart is still beating out of my chest.

  5. shugashug says:

    Awesome Samantha! They did mention in the panel that it premieres worldwide and in quite a few languages.

  6. aminie says:

    Awesome!! And it’s so funny to see Anna and Stephen messing up with cardboard Alexander!!

    And is that Claudine that we see at the end?! ooooh!! (you won’t know since you’ve not read the books)

    And aaah! the costumes! Soo cool!!

  7. shugashug says:

    Yes, the author was up on the panel too. It was a lot of fun! They talked about the head twisting scene, LOL.

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