Comic Con Preview Night

It’s 11pm and I’m just getting home and I’ve got to be up at 6am to get going tomorrow morning.  Ugh.  Tonight was alot of fun!  I didn’t make it to any panel discussion or the free screening of the new show Nikita, but instead I got to wait an hour and a half in the Mattel line to then have the line be closed completely for the night shortly before me.  Instead I got a card that says 10:00am to 10:30am Thursday, which basically means that I show up at 10 with the card and the whoosh me to the front of the line to get my exclusives.  They said that we are guaranteed to be able to purchase what we want.  Yeah, I’ll belive it when I see it.  So hopefully tomorrow I can pick up the Grayscale version of Frankie Stein (Monster High doll) and the Skeletor and MoLarr the dentist set (from Robot Chicken, LOL). 

Lines were crazy everywhere and people were spending money like mad and going home with bags bigger than a set of 12 year old twin boys!  It was ridiculous!  I did pick up my exclusive ComicCon True Blood shirt and comic book and a super cool Darth Vader shirt for the hubby.  I saw SOOO much that I wanted to buy.  I couldn’t find the Momoko’s but I did find Sherrilyn Kenyon’s booth and they had the Dark Hunter dolls on display and people were going crazy for them! 

Okay, uploading about 180 pics to flickr, so be sure to check those out.  I’m off to bed now….zzzz….

Do you think they’re trying to promote True Blood?

Monster High Comic Con exclusive

Dynasty Barbies!

Tonner Exclusive

Monster High Display

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I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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5 Responses to Comic Con Preview Night

  1. JennFL says:

    What great photos to wake up to!!
    Oh Shuga….next year, I should just stay in CA after IFDC and head with you to Comic Con! Wish I was there with ya!….sipping on some TrueBlood…..sigh.

    So JEALOUS!!!
    Thanks for the coverage and the AWESOME pix!!
    Have a FABULOUS time!! Give Vampire Bill a hug for me….

  2. shugashug says:

    You totally should! Comic Con is always the 3rd week in July, so check when the next IFDC is too and if it lines up you’re totally welcome here! Plus I’ll have graduated and won’t have any more school, so we would be free to do whatever!

    Okay, back to the lines today…

  3. LauraLA says:

    Great reporting as always! Thanks for getting my Tonner picture. Except for the line thing the convention looks like a blast.

  4. hunnipot85 says:

    Tonner should be ashamed to release that and say it has a likeness to Megan Fox… lol

    Thanks for the pics Shuga! 🙂

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