More umm… stuff

Wow, I’m about 3/4 the way through all the stuff I brought home from IFDC along with going thru all my packages that were waiting for me, LOL.  So here are my extra Momoko fashions that I purchased from the convention.  Oh, and I have been told that you can purchase Momoko’s at ComicCon?!?!!!  I’m soooo in for it when I attend next week!  That’s my next big event – yay!  I’m going to make it to the True Blood panel this year if I have to get up at the crack of dawn!  Okay, back to my Momoko’s.

What I really wanted in this outfit set was the boots!!!!

And then I was going through ALL my miniature items that I got from the event goodie bag and from all my tablemates and I came across this little “Drink Me” bottle that Michael gave to everyone at the table and of course I had to do a shot with Alice!  We also got little “Drink Me” bottles on necklaces to wear on the final night too, those were from our other tablemates Alison & Jen.  I can’t believe I have so much stuff!

And now to Mod Misaki, who was waiting patiently for me in her box when I arrived home.  Now she is reunited with her sister, Mint Mod and awaiting her new Trico dress.

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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2 Responses to More umm… stuff

  1. JennFL says:

    Momokos at ComicCon? Girl, you must be in heaven!
    Love the pix and the fashions you got at IFDC!…and congrats on the latest Misaki…she’s great!

  2. Gigi says:

    Mod Misaki is a dead ringer for Twiggy 🙂 Gorgeous!!

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