Okay, I’m trying to get a little post in before a shower, breakfast and A Wave From Japan event in 2 hours.  So the luncheon was FUN and our table had such an awesome centerpiece that was the “Villains & Vamps Casino” with our table hosts wearing “staff” shirts.  There was even a mini roulette table inside the castle and I LOVED the little scene with the Momoko photographer and FD Agnes as the evil queen and the little sign that said “Photos with Evil Queen $10”.  The detail and fun scenes of this centerpiece were so great and as a result our table won for best centerpiece!  And everyone at the table got an unreleased Randall Craig fashion.   The fashions turned out to be from his fall line and not even his convention collection, so we got them really early!  Here is that fun scene & my RC fashion win:

Then they did drawings for the Electropop Susie dolls and I won! Along with 3 people at my table too!  I’m excited to get her since I didn’t pick her up last year at IFDC and I have EP Jasper waiting for me at home.  Yay!  My EP collection is almost complete.

Then it was time for the salesroom to open (no sales yet though) but we could browse and see all the manufacturer’s exhibits and the OOAK Natalias (there are 80 for the auction!).  I tried to take pics of most everything in there, but will go back today to get some better pics after seeing how they came out.  The ballroom lighting is difficult to work with because it casts such a yellow hue on everything and with or without the flash, the pics don’t come out so great.  But here are some of my favorite dolls now after seeing them in person. 

About 80 Natalia’s are up for silent auction!  There were some really amazing transformations on these and some great fashions.  Here are the ones I may bid on if the bid’s not to high.  All starting bids were $100. 

Then it was off to the JamieShow event by Angelic Dreamz.  This is a nice small event and George even let us strip the dolls to really check out the bodies and their posability.  Love that and the feel of the resin on these dolls.  The boys this year will get a more muscular body and the vein sculpting on the arms and hands is amazing.  The girls body is really great and they can do the ladylike crossing of the legs due to an extra joint that can twist on their upper thighs.  I was really impressed.  Honestly with my ChicLine Lishe coming, I am anxious to compare the body and if I don’t like the ChicLine as much then I will just sell her off and buy one from this line. 

Michael was with me for this event and mentioned that the faces are much more “realistic” in terms of them not being overly beautiful.  Instead they gave them “real” faces that aren’t always traditionally pretty.  I was really intrigued by 2 girls in particular (although the boys were really great, I don’t see myself getting any).  The 2 girls were Jamie & Sun, and I loved each because they represented the 2 ends of the “beauty” spectrum for me.  Jamie is traditionally pretty and elegant and Sun has a slightly ethnic look and an intriguing edgy face.  Here are there pics:

Then it was off to the Randall Craig event!  Beautiful clothing as usual, but I expect nothing less.  This time there were 12 dresses, 6 that are the official Convention Collection and 6 that will be available in stores in the fall.  There was a trivia contest and our table tied for first until the tie breaker question, which was “What was Billie Holiday’s nickname?  It was also the name of an RC Fashion”.  We guessed Lady Blue, but it was Lady Day and the other table got it and won some older fashions.  Here are my personal favs from each collection:

Then it was off to the Integrity seminar with Vaughn, David & Alain.  This was an upbeat and fun event and the mood was fun, joking and light in there.  I thought some of the answers to our questions were just perfect and completely honest.  (like the one question about the bolt in the bodies and how they were so tired of hearing the question and the complaints about that bolt)  Okay, so I’m trying to remember all that was said (I should’ve taken notes).  But basically:

  • It was implied that Vero will make her comeback at “Dark Romance”
  • Hollywood Royalty is discontinued unless something pops up
  • Valia is discontinued
  • No plans at this time for new character Hommes
  • No plans for furniture (due to costs)
  • No plans for those acrylic chairs (they tried, but always shipped and broke)
  • If future AG’s really would work in 1/6 scale, they will do the “clones”
  • Conventions now are “Integrity” events not “FR” Cons and will have events for each of the lines at the con (like they did with the Poppy luncheon last year)
  • Convention collections may include non FR dolls (like the mini Livewire last year)
  • there are about 10 people who are the “Integrity” team, so you could tell how much they have to do with a small team
  • Individual storycards are discontinued in favor of a Story Booklet that will be put out at each convention.  I actually like this idea because of how much I loved “The Heist” booklet and you can tell Alain had fun doing that
  • Chris Stoeckel joined the design team and they’re excited about the “new blood”
  • They cannot “police” dealers and members who win WClub lotteries and then resell for higher
  • This year’s convention is at 391 with a 400 person limit (maybe they can fit 410)
  • The hold up on the release of the convention information is due to Workshops – they still need people to teach workshops!  once that’s finalized then the information will be released
  • The design team works by “themes”
  • There will be brand new doll stands coming with 2 options of holding your dolls in (one will support them under the armpits and the other will be the straddle stand that has been redesigned too)
  • They mentioned that we all need to inspect our dolls immediately for issues because they only have a limited number of extras in parts and in fabric to replace any dolls or clothing, which is why they only offer a 1 year warranty
  • They design the outfit first an then fill it with a character and hairstyle
  • We will be seeing 2 more waves of Misaki’s very soon! yay!

I was impressed with how open & honest they were at the event.  You can tell that the love what they do, but still feel frustrated at times when dealing with production issues in Asia and with us as collectors .  They laughingly mentioned that they know we all tend to customize our dolls (and they do to), but for example we need to keep in mind that they root a doll for a certain hairstyle NOT for us to customize later, so please don’t complain when you take your doll’s hair down and it’s thinly rooted.  Basically it’s your choice to alter your doll but they don’t want to hear the complaints.  Thought that was just plain honest of them to say, LOL, and they did it in a light and upbeat way.  All in all, you can tell they love what they do and what I realized was just how small of a company they are and now I appreciate even more how much work they put into our dolls.

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I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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11 Responses to UPdate!

  1. Susan K. says:

    Excellent reporting, Shuga–thanks so much! Love the recap of the chat with the Integrity folks–so many good details there and answers to questions I would have wanted to ask. (P.S. I never get why people complain about the hair either once they’ve totally trashed the original hairstyle! LOL).

  2. aminie says:

    Thanks Shug!
    Awesome post! So much information in it! Now I am just on pin and needles for convention!

    So who’s able to do a workshop so we can get our packages? :p

    Also, am I the only one who thinks Sun looks a lot like Loreena, Bill’s maker in True Blood? :p

  3. Fil_f&f says:

    WOW! So much infromation! When did you have time to right all of this?! A huge thx for sharing. That Dynamite Girl is my favourite out of all four. And I agree with you, aminie, Sun looks like Loreena 😀 And I hope that you get that Natalia with white hair, Shuga.

    Have fun and thx again!!!

  4. jeff says:

    Love the Integrity info…

    Seems like the WClub forum is b&tch b&tch b&tch….

    Makes me wonder why some people still collect dolls…

    Other than to resell them at marked up prices…lol

    Well have fun and keep us posted.

    Glad I’m going to the IT convention to see the new Vero in person.

    Also praying hard that the IFDC doll is great, as I’ve pre-purchased her from an attendee.


  5. frjunkie81 says:

    Shuga you are just a doll! This is very informative! In my opinion, the whole team is amazing to deal with everyone’s feedback they have to have a tough skin and be gracious but seriously I have the opportunity to chat very few words and have always had a polite response. And it rings true about the design of each doll. It’s always awesome to hear from them. Shame on the HR collection. Can’t wait on more pics! Thank you!

  6. frjunkie81 says:

    Aminie I agree! I see that too!!! I would love a lace black dress like that! Sans neck braking/head twisting!!

  7. Thanks for the insight. Sucks to hear we’re only going to get storylines once a year… Can’t wait to see the IFDC dolls and to see what IT has up their sleeves for convention, even though I won’t be able to make it (as of right now)

  8. maryannroy says:

    Wow – How great to be able to chat with the Integrity team! I can relate to having a small company – lol!
    I’d do a work shop if they’d pay for me to go. LOL

    M 🙂

  9. Susan in NC says:

    Thanks for all the great info, Shuga! While I’m a bit disappointed to hear that Valia has been discontinued, I suppose it was to be expected. And at least we now have a definitive answer.

    Really sounds like you’re having a great time and hope you continue your lucky streak to win a few more goodies! Have fun and thanks again!

  10. alejandro says:

    Great info. it’s nice the acknowledge that many of us collectors consider the hair as an interactive part of the experience, and want to be able to take out the hair.

    i understand where they are coming from that a head is rooted for a style, but I still say it would be nice if they at least give us a heads up that a particular hairstyle is not fully rooted. Especially since they acknowledge that they know we do it.

    Sharing this little bit of information when the promo pics come out would give those of us who do like to play with the doll hair a better idea if we want to buy a particular doll or give your chance to somebody who likes it more.

  11. alejandro says:


    Can’t say how happy I was to hear they are willing to continue the AG clones.

    How cool would a Goldmine be??

    Keeping my fingers crossed one shows up at the IT Convention

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