3 DAYS TO GO!!!!

I feel like I might hyperventilate today!  I’ve got so much to get done & really only today to do it.  Yikes!  Gotta get at least half packed today, laundry done, pull out my travel dolls and what they’ll wear, pick up some food & snacks & wine for the room, get gift bags and wrap up my table gifts nicely, finish my final paper for Tuesday,  study for a quiz on Tuesday, trade my truck for my mom’s car which I’ll drive to Vegas, ugh…. I could go on & on!  Tomorrow is not a holiday like it is for my hubby and tons of you out there.  I still have to go to school and treat patients from 9-5.  Oh and tonight we’re going downtown to watch the fireworks, so that leaves me about 6 hours to get things done today.  Can we all say together now… PROCRASTINATOR!

Okay, onto the countdown… 3 days to go and what is another reason that I love the IFDC?  Well the fact that it’s in VEGAS!  I must admit that I make a yearly (or 2) trip there with friends and family.  It’s a nice getaway for us (not in the summer though) and we do enjoy it there.  The hubby and I are big eaters and really enjoy going to all the fine dining restaurants while we’re there, oh! and the Paris breakfast buffet is THE best.  And then there are the shows!  I think we’ve seen practically everything except for the new “Viva Elvis” show which I’m DYING to see, but have promised the family that I’ll wait until we all go together this winter.  And then there is the gambling!  I love to gamble!  Well, I should say that I love playing the games and tend to play the low minimum tables ($1 roulette, $5 craps and penny or nickel slots).  Craps is our “family” game, Roulette is my hubby’s game and I seem to do really well on the slots.  But only the fun slots like Wheel of Fortune, or Monopoly or like my newly found favorite slot game Jaws. 

Oh yeah, for those who didn’t follow my updates last year, on the final night after we got the convention dolls, the hubby and I were still downstairs getting our last gambling in at around 2-3am (and we were driving home at 8am) when I sat down at my beloved Jaws game and put in $20 (I had only gambled $40 previously) and after about 20 minutes at the machine I went into the “bonus” mode and kept playing and playing and playing when finally I hit the Jackpot!!  I had won $1351.51 on a one times 25 line bet on a penny slot machine!!!  I about freaked out!  Called the hubby who thought I was joking and he was all excited because he had just won $200 over on the roulette table (it’s all about “black 17” people!).  This paid for our trip  AND I was able to sell my extra companion doll to my friend Michael for less than cost so he could get her!

Here is the shot of my winning Jaws machine last year:

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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One Response to 3 DAYS TO GO!!!!

  1. hunnipot85 says:

    That’s so awesome Shuga! Good luck again this year. 🙂

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