5 Days To Go!

I woke up today in a “tizzy”, LOL, I had an amazing convention dream last night and was holding the most beautiful Kyori convention doll EVER.  Of course upon waking, I realize that it probably won’t be Kyori…  I’ve just been holding onto the Kyori dream ever since getting QuickSilver.  No other Kyori has been as fabulous since then (in my opinion).  Anyway, you know it’s getting closer to the convention when you’re having dreams! 

So back to the countdown…  Another fun thing about IFDC is that there are costumes at every event!!  I’m a complete costume junkie and Halloween lover (that’s why I’m extra excited that the FR Con is at Halloween!!).  The hubby and I go all out in decorating and dressing up for any event we throw.  Halloween, the final LOST party, 80’s parties, disco parties, etc.  My hubby used to DJ and so we can throw some pretty fun parties (he’s the outgoing one, whereas I’m the quieter, shy one) and I have a closet obsession with all things Martha Stewart so I tend to go crazy with decorations.   Anywhoooo…. I was surprised to see that so many people got all dressed up at IFDC!  I didn’t dress up last year because it was a last minute decision to go and I wasn’t sure if people really dressed up or not.  Well, they did!  Unfortunately this year I won’t be dressing up either since it’s been a crazy busy semester for me & I had no time to work on costumes, but I can still admire all the costumes!

So here are some pics from last year’s event.


About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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6 Responses to 5 Days To Go!

  1. Luanne in Canada says:

    IFDC is a great convention to attend if you like to dress up. I was so happy last year to be able to wear my Star Trek uniform! Great photos!

    Luanne in Canada

  2. Elentàri says:

    LoL! QuickSilver Kyori is my favourite too!! Aww, I would love to have her..:)

  3. Yvonne says:

    I totally understand you. I wanted to get a costume for every meal but no time or space on my suitcase. I only have a costume for the Malice dinner.

    I can’t wait to see what people will be wearing next week.

  4. shugashug says:

    Yes, Quicksilver is the best (except for A Brighter Side, but she’s basically a “grail” at this point)! I hope to see tons of great costumes at the Malice dinner, I think that one will be the most popular!

  5. aminie says:

    There are some seriously cool costumes in there!

    Please please please, thake pictures of as many costumes as possible! You know how I am a costume junkie too! 😀

  6. shugashug says:

    For sure! I plan to take way more pics than I did last year! Plus you’ve got Jenn & her camera too!

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