“The Contessa”, A Bride of Dracula

I didn’t order any of the Brides of Dracula dolls, although I loved their look, but my awesome dolly-friend has allowed me to post her wonderful review and pics of the first doll in this line along with body comparison shots. 

So here is the review by my guest blogger, JennFL:

The Contessa” The Brides of Dracula Collection

The Contessa, Bride of Dracula Dressed Doll
The Couture Fantasy Collection

Item No: 03-01490-001
Presented by the Ashton-Drake Galleries & Integrity Toys

SRP $149.99 Release Date: June 2010
Edition Size: Unknown

“Legend has it that a long time ago, in a dark and imposing Transylvania castle, three stunning beauties fell for the deadly charms of Count Dracula, master of all Vampires.

Victims of their own lust for power and attracted by Dracula’s promise of eternal life and wealth, Lucy, Mina and The Contessa sold their souls to the vampire and entered an eternity of servitude as The Brides Of Dracula.

Beware all who enter the vampire’s lair in a quest for untold treasures…the brides are always out hunting for fresh young prey, always aiming to please their bloodthirsty master.”


She arrived in the usual brown Integrity shipper, with her name/number printed on the side.
The doll is packaged in an attractively “evil-goth” side-closure “window box” display box, which makes it easier for NRFB-ers to display her without removing her from the box.
As for me, I couldn’t debox her fast enough. It would be easy to repackage her if necessary, and if you take the ‘liner out, the box “conveniently folds flat for storage and future use.”

Her golden yellow hair is pulled up in a ‘top ponytail’…and that hair is tightly curled (with an appropriate amount of hair product to hold them in place). She has 3 curled-bangs, and 3 loosely curled tendrils.
I have no intention of taking her hair down; but it doesn’t appear to have overly-thick rooting. The tendrils on my doll will need a little taming (later).


BODY COMPARISON WITH FR:  The Brides of Dracula feature new face molds and new Integrity body types.  Here’s the Contessa compared to Festive Decadence Agnes.
These dolls DO feature the HandSpeak System of removable hands – however no extra hands are included. She has applied eyelashes. Her eyes are yellow. Fangs…check!  This is a new body for these dolls; there’s been no word if Integrity will be changing the FR bodies. 

Back view:
Higher ‘jointed’ torso on Left

Side View:
Fuller bust on Contessa, Not sure I like that “dent” under her arm though…

Interestingly, Jason Wu’s name is nowhere on the packaging nor on the COA. The COA is not numbered, nor does it reflect an Edition Size. “Upon retirement of this issue, no more of this edition of “The Contessa” will ever be produced. Once the edition is retired, it will never be reopened.
I’d read on Angelic Dreamz website that the Edition Size was 200; however, I could find no mention of this anywhere in the packaging, nor could the W Club Liaisons confirm or deny the edition size.
Tis a mystery…

Her stand is similar to a Dynamite Girl stand – which is disappointing. As with DG stands, the ‘saddle’ of the stand does NOT reach the doll’s crotch; therefore, it’s not well-supported and the dolls tend to topple off the stands very easily. I truly wish they would ’86’ these stands in favor of the usual FR telescoping stand. Unless your Bride (or DG) is barefoot, these stands do not support the doll at all.
I’ll be ordering black Kaiser doll stands for my Brides.

The gown is lovely, a deep eggplant purple, triple tiered dress (polyester with black mesh overlay). The black bustier is built into the bodice (non-removable). The dress has a back zipper with hook/eye closure; the bodice is lined, and there is an “IT” tag sewn in (not “Wu”). The bodice of the dress is NOT as tightly fitted as the usual Fashion Royalty garment is….there’s a very slight ‘looseness’ to it, but it looks just fine.

There is no accessory ‘drawer’; most of her accessories arrived on the doll (black rhinestone stud earrings, triple-chain necklace, nude pantyhose, black strappy pumps). Her long black lace gloves were packaged separately in a plastic bag (…these did NOT make it into today’s photo shoot – due to time and patience on my part..lol).

The shoes are nice FR-quality black pumps (hard soles/heels), with a tiny “lace insert” detail on the front, and are tied on with black ribbon ties (long enough to wrap several times around).

I realize that Gothic Horror dolls don’t appeal to everyone’s tastes….but if you enjoy the genre, you’ll love these!

Ashton-Drake’s Customer Service advised me that Lucy would be released at the end of June…and Mina has a tentative ship date of late July. I hope they’re both on schedule…I can’t wait to pose them all together.

If you’d like more info on these dolls, here’s the Official Web Site.

I know that several Integrity Dealers are also selling these dolls (Angelic Dreamz, etc…), so check with your dealer if you’re an International Collector.


About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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3 Responses to “The Contessa”, A Bride of Dracula

  1. Matt says:

    Diane T. took the hair down on her’s and found the doll to be completely BALD, other than the hair circumference.


  2. shugashug says:

    Thanks so much for that info!!

  3. Vince Nowell says:

    Love the look of this new body. Looks far more natural, and also appears that it would be easier to fit and sew for. I hope we see more 12″ fashion dolls from IT with this body type.

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