24 hours from now the series will be over! Waaaaaaaahhhhh!  So, the hubby and I are HUGE fans of the show & have never missed an episode.  We’ve got several other friends who are huge fans too (the kind we call after each episode ends and discuss on conference call, LOL).  The kind of fans that take the Monday off work/school so we can recover from the end of the show on Sunday night.  Soooooo, since the series finale is Sunday night with a special 2 hour show before the last episode, followed by interviews with the cast on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the show, we thought we’d make an extra special night for all of us LOSTies!

So I’m up late here tonight (11:39 pm) putting Dharma labels on all our food.  Tomorrow we still have a banner to make (Namaste New Recruits), setup our living room like the the beach scene when the plane first crashed (luggage strewn about, clothing strewn about, our coffee table toppled over, etc.), get some giftbags ready with fun Dharma items and mini airpline bottles of liquor, and bake a LOST cake with palm trees and a plane crashing into it.  Plus we’re going to have trivia contests with prizes.  We even sent out invitations on Oceanic Air letterhead with a fake boarding pass and ticket holder, LOL, which reminds me that I need to take some shots of those otherwise I’ll forget.  Anyway, I think you get my point – we’re a little bit crazy, LOL.

Here’s my 1 shot tonight (from my cell phone no less & it didn’t come out too shabby!) that I thought I’d post before I crash (no pun intended) LOL.

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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3 Responses to ARE YOU A LOSTie?

  1. Huanhuan says:

    Your Dharma packeging so cool!! I’m addict to LOST, too!!

  2. DeeBlue says:

    How did you do those Dharma labels?!? They’re soo cool! Can’t wait too see more pix of your party stuff!
    Over here, I haven’t even watched the first episode of the last season… *sigh* So, no spoilers, please! But I can tell you’re pretty good about it. 😉

  3. shugashug says:

    Yeah no spoilers! We found the labels online! We even found Apollo candy bar wrappers which we will put on hershey bars for the gift bags!

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