It feels like I have been neglecting all you out there, LOL.  Actually I just miss posting & photographing!  Last week was finals & this week is my last week of clinic shifts which are double shifts.  So it’s been a rough 2 weeks.  Thursday I have off all day & I have a small pile of naked dolls that need redressing & photographing.  I still plan to shoot SM Eden with the new Lilith, so I will get to that on Thursday. 

WClub members are still waiting on invoices for the upgrade dolls (Eugenia & the AvantGuard) since we were told they should be invoiced in April.  I feel like money is flying out of my wallet with all these dolls hitting at the same time, or maybe it’s because I’m collecting too many lines now, LOL.  I have Incandescent coming and I ordered a Vanessa, to give her a chance.  You all know I’m not a Vanessa fan at all, but Night Warrior is probably one of my favorite dolls, so if Vanessa is done just right then I may just love her. 

This coming Sunday (18th) I am leaving for a week on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera.  This is a MUCH needed break!  I was considering taking a travel doll, but I’m nervous about toting her around or leaving her in my room.  What I think I will be doing is taking a new BJD doll that I should get on Wednesday.  I am REALLY excited about this one!  I have an allegience to Iplehouse dolls, but this little cutie caught my eye awhile ago & I was finally able to pick her up used.  I think most of you will squeal with delight when I post her pic later this week.  I know I just look at her & she makes me smile.  I’m working on a name for her now since it’s got to be uber-cute. 

I’m starting to get excited for IFDC!  It’s only a few months away & I’ve got my registration paid for and my room booked, so that makes it seem more real.  A few ladies from my local doll club are going, so it’ll be fun to sit together for the events along with a few old friends from my table at the last few FR Con’s.  I’m rooming with my one friend and we plan on having a blast!  I think we both plan to photograph our dolls ALOT while we’re there.  I’m hoping to win another $1300 on nickel slots like I did last year, LOL.  I will seriously sit at the same machine if I can find it!

I guess that’s the update for now!  Here’s some parting spam of Chloe in her new sundress & hat that I made for her.

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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