So today I thought I would go insane, and now I think I have.  On WClub we’ve got a thread going about being a “Dolly-Addict” that is utterly hilarious, and I must admit that I probably, maybe, well,  kind of,  have a problem.  Let’s see how today began…

Woke up at 6am after having dolly-nightmares in which I overslept and missed out on all the dolls I wanted, LOL.  Then I just brought my laptop into bed & sat there for 3 hours until the ordering period began, posting to threads and keeping tabs open with different stores.  I didn’t get out of bed, take a shower or eat!  My poor doggies kept looking at me like I was crazy when they’d get up & I’d tell them to go back to bed. 

The 15 minutes prior to 9am (noon EST) I actually was anxious!  Then it was like the starting gun at the Del Mar Racetrack went off in my head & I just was so hurried to order what I wanted.  My top priority (and worry) were the Monograms which I knew would sell VERY quickly.  Marl’s was up first & I was on those puppies like white on rice!  Whew, in & out, the whole transaction took less than 4 minutes literally.  With that worry out of the way I moved on to the rest of my list just as fast & furiously.  I ordered from 2 more different dealers (just because I like to spread the love) and dolls were just popping into my shopping cart all by themselves!  I think they want to come live with me, LOL.

I started with my must haves and was looking at my “secondary” list and began noticing that the Poppy giftset had sold out on one other site (remember I had like 4 tabs open).  Now I’m like, I should probably just add her now.  What if she sells out & then she’s just amazing in person & I won’t be able to get her later?  What about Colette then, I need her outfit and maybe she’ll be a keeper (even though I don’t have a single Colette doll) or I’ll keep the fashion & sell the doll…and on…and on…and on…

Yeah, well now I sit here tonight looking at my invoices for 13 dolls & 2 Fashions, and I don’t know what came over me!  Of course I justified that I could afford it because they were spread over several months, right? 

Hi, my name is Shuga-Shug and I am a Dolly-Holic… and here is my list of dolls to prove it:

3 Monograms (Enigmatic*, Disclosure, Incandescent) *interesting because I don’t like wigged dolls, LOL

3 NuFace (Giselle, Colette*, Lilith) *interesting because I don’t like her facemold LOL

4 Dynamite girls (umm, you can’t have just 1 right?)

1 FR (Eugenia) hey! I didn’t cave & get Jordan for her outfit!

Poppy Giftset (due to fear of her selling out)

Beatnik Blues Poppy

Poppy fashion (the uber-cute daisy one!)

FR Fashion (that awesome black & white one!)





About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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7 Responses to WHAT A DAY…

  1. Joyeux says:

    That’s hilarious … a perfect recap of a day in the life of a doll addict on “pre-order day”. Mine wasn’t all that different. I managed to get the dolls that were the most important to me, no anxiety nightmares for me tonight.

  2. nevraforever says:

    Hahaha! Score!! Congrats Shug!! I was in bed with a bowl of cereal waiting, too. Lordy. I can totally relate. Got the tabs up and refreshed when it hit 9am.
    I ordered a bunch, too. But I’m not satisfied. I’m craving Vanessa now and I feel bad that she’s sold out everywhere. What’s a girl to do?

  3. michaelp says:

    Lady, I have been obsessing over Eugenia (do not want the fashion at all) and the Flash Star Fashion set (LOVE, LOVE LOVE!), ALL DAY! Did I say ALL DAY! I didn’t order anything, because due to a lay-off, times are rough. I’ve been trying to compensate by attempting to find Electropop JASPER DG for real cheap, to fill the void. I’ve always wanted her, but now fear the “hand staining” I’ve heard she has will just be a bust. My name is MichaelP and I am a Dolly-Holic.

  4. michaelp says:

    p.s. – The Poppy Gift set is HOT! 😉

  5. jeff says:

    At least you got some sleep!

    I couldn’t sleep, and I even took a Xanax!!!

    Oh well, I got my wants and then some…it all just happened so fast…

    Oh well. But here’s the kicker, our Aussie Convention sets should be coming soon too!!!!!

  6. Stratos says:

    I go the Poppy giftset too! Got Vanessa as well and that was it. If I could afford more dolls, Beatnik Poppy and two Monograms (Incandescence and Enigmatic) would come to live with me too… sigh… but I managed to snag a really cheap Adele Muse as well!

  7. shugashug says:

    You got a nice selections Stratos!! The Poppy giftset I couldn’t pass up!

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