FR Monogram 2010

Preorders begin Tuesday at Noon EST!

**All info & pictures are property of Integrity Toys**

Please read descriptions carefully as some are rooted hair dolls and others are wigged!

Disclosure (350 Edition Size) Retail Price $120

**She has ROOTED hair**

Incandescent (250 Edition Size) Retail Price $150

**She is a ROOTED hair doll**


Dreamscape (250 Edition Size) Retail Price $150

**This is a WIGGED doll**

Enigmatic (250 Edition Size) Retail price $150

**This is a WIGGED doll**

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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12 Responses to FR Monogram 2010

  1. PetraElise says:

    I really think they knocked it out of the park with this collection–I love everyone of them!

  2. shugashug says:

    The Monograms were the surprise of the night I think!

  3. Joyeux says:

    Just loving these new Monograms, though not as sure about Disclosure. With the fishnet hose and garters, she seems a little like a pinup, not as elegant as the rest of the line. Still, she is a very pretty doll. Oh my poor wallet.

  4. Matt says:

    I love the clothing and the makeup palettes, but I find still find the main sculpt to be a bit harsh. Overall, I do like the styling.

  5. Yvonne says:

    I think the monogramd got the best fashions. I might get a few and then sell the nude dolls. I still don’t really like the face.

  6. Alejandro says:

    I love the monogram fashions, except for the pink gown.

  7. Hilda says:

    Awww…I love them all! I am overwhelmed by how many there are! After months of Monogram draught, we have 5 new ones!!

    I have to have them all.

  8. shugashug says:

    I decided to get 3 of the 4! At least only 2 of them come out this month otherwise I couldn’t afford my NuFace girls or Eugenia who also come out this month! March is looking expensive!

  9. Hilda says:

    Oh, I know! March is definitely looking expensive! Not sure how I am going to pull this off, but you know how Monograms are: buy now, worry about it later!

    I have an extra Brilliance that will have to sacrifice herself for the greater good, I think.

    Did you get all of them but Incandescent, Shug?

  10. shugashug says:

    LOL – I think Brilliance will have to sacrifice for me. Actually after re-looking at them I decided I must have Incandescent – she is too Audrey H for me to pass on no matter how much I don’t care for short haired dolls. So I passed on the one with the black bob & pink gown. Keeping my fingers crossed I’ll get the 3 I want!

  11. Hilda says:

    I adore the Audrey doll. I don’t care for her hair right now, but I wonder how it will look when re-styled. I am thinking that she will also be able to wear the wigs. What do you think?

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