Welcome To My Home…

There was a thread today on the doll boards sharing pics of your home.  So I went around and shot some pictures and thought I’d welcome ya’ll to my home too!  So here we go on our home tour…

We live in our home pretty simply, not alot of  “stuff” or knick-knacks, etc.  We like lots of plants (most are outside now because we had a rainstorm yesterday).  We like modern clean lines and colors with a grey or “dusty” undertone.

Here is our living room.  Still have to put in crown molding and stain our mantle dark brown.  Archie is sleeping in his bed in the corner.

Here is the view from our front bay window in the living room.  As you can see across the street is another hill!  That’s a horse farm up there & we love hearing the horses when our front window is open!

Here is our dining room.  The wall didn’t really photograph without the flash, but it’s a dark chocolate brown (6 coats of paint!!!).  It was a pain to paint, but I love the end result.  We’ve got 3D white flowers (Wall Flowers, LOL) that have magnets on the back and then you just put tacks in the wall where you want them to go & they attach right on!

Here is our master bedroom.  Like on the show MTV Cribs I’ll say “This is where the magic happens” LOL  We put a decal on the closet that I just love!!  Colors are 2 shades of dusty purple that my husband actually picked out! Go figure!

My hubby’s room.  Yes, he did the walls himself & the orange line goes around the room.  2 shades of grey on either side of the line.  He’s got all his computer and music equipment in that room.

My doll room:

Our hallway.  Just wanted to share some wedding pictures, LOL.

Here is our screened in porch.  I went with a Morroccan design but you don’t get the full effect because all our furniture is covered up and the plants are outside because of the rainstorm.  There’s Archie again gettin’ in the picture!  I have tons of lanterns all over the porch too.

Here is the view from our backyard.  We’re on a hill.  We’re going to build decks this spring and finish putting the bamboo along the fence.

And that concludes our tour folks!  Hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit more of “me” through my home! 

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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5 Responses to Welcome To My Home…

  1. Maryann says:

    Fantastic Shug !
    Love the decal on the closet doors! Hmmm…what great inspiration! Thanks for sharing your space!
    M 🙂

  2. nevraforever says:

    next time i’m in SanDi, i’m crashing at your place. even if it means wrestling archie for the cushion. LOL.
    LOVE your color scheme!!

  3. hunnipot85 says:

    So adorable Shuga! Love it!! 😉


  4. aminie says:

    love you house and the surroundings Shug! It’s really well decorated!

    My appartment is so loaded with stuff and colours that your house is VERY refreshing!!

  5. shugashug says:

    Thanks A! One day you’ll have to come out for a visit.

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