Tedros, Circus Master

Well folks, I decided that I’m going to add information here regarding new Iplehouse dolls since that is the BJD line that I’m VERY much into!!  I know most of you reading don’t collect BJD’s, but it’s nice to be exposed to other dolls & drool over some eye candy, LOL.  There are probably over 20 different BJD companies, so I am only focusing on Iplehouse since that’s what I have & what I will get more of.  I also just obtained a secondhand RealSkin Iplehouse Amy doll that is on layaway right now!  So as you can see, I am gaga for this company’s dolls.

So a quick rundown on this company’s dolls.  They have 3 lines:

  1. EID (elder) that are 70 cm (27 inches)
  2. YID (youth) that are 60 cm (23 inches)
  3. JID (juvenile) that are 40cm (16 inches) **this is what Brielle is**
  4. Noctarcana Circus – this contains all the lines and is a circus themed line with some dolls that are chimeras too (you can purchase extra “animal” parts)

So here is the lateset offering from Iplehouse.  He was posted up today and the ordering period is Feb 12 – Mar 7 (or until they hit their limit).   BJD companies like Iplehouse also offer layaways, which is nice because as you’ll see, their prices are a bit steep.  He is named TEDROS,  CIRCUS MASTER and he is part of the Noctarcana Circus line.  What can I say — he’s a “hotty”, but I personally can never buy a doll that is 27 inches tall!  

His price breakdown is as follows: 

  • $727 (2 body type choices) + eyes
  • outfit (an extra $136)
  • faceup $70 w/beard or $60 without beard
  • animal parts (an extra $206)
  • wig $23 and shoes $55

Uhhhh…. as you can see that adds up to a whole-lotta-money…. But he is pretty stunning!

**Photos below are property of Iplehouse**

And here his is with his “optional” animal parts which include a different head, hands, feet & tail.

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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10 Responses to Tedros, Circus Master

  1. Yvonne says:

    He is hot! I have been staring at him for about a week but the size is an issue for me also.

    I think he is taller than my two years old. lol

  2. shugashug says:

    I know!! There is no way I can have a doll as tall as a small child, LOL.

  3. Holy Moley! That is really something!

  4. McDougal says:

    i’m still fighting the urge to layaway Jessica!

  5. A says:

    I actually bit the bullet, found a local (aussie) dealer and ordered myself a doll-zone Celine http://www.doll-zone.com/showproduct.asp?id=156
    Should keep me away from Jessica for awhile.

  6. shugashug says:

    Congrats on your Celine! Doll-Zone dolls are beautiful!

  7. shugashug says:

    On Feb 12th they’re offering the JID girls in “realskin” and I’m fighting the urge to order one….

  8. Stan says:

    I really like the sculpting of Iplehouse dolls. Some of the BJD companies have very angular sculpts that I don’t like. I used to only buy Volks, but Iplehouse has comparable quality and is less expensive.

    I wonder where Tonner got the “Sinister Circus” idea from?

  9. Stratos says:

    Ipplehouse does amazing stuff and their male dolls especially are gorgeous. I wish I could afford one.

  10. H. says:


    If they only look at the fashion doll scene at Tonner, then it probably has come from the BJDs, but otherwise it is already a very old thing in literature and pop culture, and has ceased to be anyone’s idea a long time ago. People like Rob Zombie have been doing that stuff visually since the 80’s.


    He’s really gorgeous, the “human version” gives me some weird Indiana-Jones-meets-Jack-Sparrow vibes… And from the “non-human”, my first thought was Beauty and the Beast 😀
    He’s a bit more of a beast than Disney’s, though…

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