HI’s & LO’s of SEWING

Well, I posted earlier that I would begin sewing again.  My first project would be to sew for my new BJD’s because I figured I could work in that scale (1/4) more easily than FR size (1/6).  I must admit it was a little bit of a challenge for me.  I learned how to sew in middle school from both my mom & my grandmother (who was a seasmstress & can sew without a pattern!!!) and sewed most of my clothes in middle & high school.  I even sewed my own homecoming & prom dress by finding a pattern similar to a dress I saw in a catalog.  The sewing continued until my mid 20’s when for some unknown reason I just gave it all up. 

Two years ago my mom & grandmother gave me a brand new Singer sewing machine for my bridal shower gift.  I was so excited and new I would begin again at some point.  Well, that point began about noon on Friday.  First it was a little difficult learning a whole new machine.  I had my 1977 Singer machine for all those years & this “new & improved” machine was just not as easy as it claimed to be, LOL.  So two hours was spent just figuring out all the little stuff.  Whew!  Then I actually began cutting & sewing – and that was another trial.  I pinned things wrong, I cut things on the wrong fold, and the list goes on…  I realized that I knew alot more back then & was trying to remember little tricks to doing things. 

So around 6pm yesterday I gave up, LOL.  I just had to put everything aside and take a breath and just start again on Saturday morning.  I started up again around 11am this morning & finished up the dresses I set out to conquer around 2pm.  It’s a good feeling though, just to get back into sewing & see the fruit of my labors.  I know I’ll get faster & remember those little things I forgot as I sew more, but in the meantime I’m very pleased with how these little Valentine’s dresses came out.  So here is Brielle to model my 2 dresses.  I have sewn 3 in each color and they will be up for sale on ebay shortly if you’re interested.

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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3 Responses to HI’s & LO’s of SEWING

  1. LBx says:

    Hey Shug! I visit your blog really often and like it a lot!!!
    I wanted to thank you for your news, you’re one of my best sources to update my FR reference pages ( http://woodsky.free.fr/LBX/listeFR.html )
    I really love the way you pose your dolls and take photos of them.
    Now I also want to congratulates you for your sewing! Brielle looks really nice in those cute little dresses. Finishings seem perfect! I also sew for my dolls, but didn’t have so much time these last monthes, well you make me want to go back to my needles and sewing machine quickly!!! I also have a Singer! (the Plume one)!
    Keep on sewing, I want to see more 😀 !!!


  2. shugashug says:

    Thanks LBx! I love your reference page & have it bookmarked! I am always referring to it for something or I’m just drooling over the old promo shots.

  3. Super cute, Shug! This little girl is a real cutie. xo H

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