3 Days & Counting

Only 3 days now!!!!!!!!!!!  So next in the countdown is…

3. Centerpiece Dolls

Ahh, the emotional highs & lows of centerpiece dolls…  Last year I learned that winning centerpiece dolls is similar to betting at the racetrack, LOL.  Everyone comes into the ballroom, sees the centerpiece doll, oohs & ahhs over it and sits down & hopes & prays that they will be a winner that night. 

The first night you are assigned a number at the table, which will be your number for the entire 3 day event.  You sit and eat your meal and are silently hoping that your number will be called later that night.  After the meal & presentation/entertainment they announce that they will be drawing numbers for the centerpieces.  The excitement builds inside of you as they dig into a bag & pull out a number.  You’re yelling loudly (or silently inside) #7, #7, #7, #7 and they call #8 – Dang it!  That’s okay, they will be pulling another number so it starts again, #7, #7, #7, #7, and they call #7!! Wu-Hoo! That’s your number!!

You feel so happy & excited and then they come around to collect your credit card information.  Yes, you have won the right to pay! Only us doll-a-holics would be excited about that, LOL.  Of course, after your number is pulled you can always trade numbers with someone else at the table who wants that doll (in case it’s not one you collect).

Last year there were some amazing centerpiece dolls and I know this year they will be just as incredible!  Unfortunately I did not win the one I soooooo wanted (Fine Jewel Eugenia), but I am happy that my tablemates who won her continue to love her!  Maybe this year I’ll get the one I want most!  Let’s look at the 4 centerpieces from last year’s event.

“Fine Jewel” Eugenia (Thursday Night Dinner)

“La Folie Du Jour” Josephine Baker (Friday HR Luncheon)

This year there is an extra event! Which means 1 more centerpiece doll!  Instead of having just the dancing on Friday night, there will be dinner first.  This year’s Friday night event is called “FR Monogram Dinner and Fashion Victim Dance Party” – so you know what that means!! A Monogram doll should be the centerpiece!  I soooo NEED to win this doll!!

“Truce of the Matter” Kyori Sato (Saturday WClub Luncheon)

This year’s WClub Luncheon features the AvantGuards and so the centerpiece doll is a specially designed limited edition AG Doll!  I NEED to win this doll!!  Hopefully she’ll have “crazy” makeup like Attention! & No Exaggeration have!

“Shirred Not Shaken” Vanessa (Saturday Night Gala Dinner)

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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