Well today was another good day in dolly-world!  I finally got my new lighting set for photography! Hooray!  No more crappy yellow shop light that I had been using these past 3 weeks since my other light set went kaputz.  I am VERY happy with my new set! 

And then wouldn’t you know it, a knock on the door!  Hello Mr. Mailman, what is this you say – I need to sign for a package from Australia! Oh yeah – Attention! esta aqui!  After 2 minutes into the house she was being ripped from her box.  I forgot how wonderful it is to open up a new AvantGuards doll!  I realized it has been a little while since I got a new AG, so I slowed down a bit to savor the moment.  Then I pushed open that AG paper & looked at Attention!’s face & fell in love…  She is honestly now my favorite AG!  I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about her eyemakeup, but she is stunning!  She’s like a “souped-up” version of Goldmine (who was my favorite until now).  You want glam! You want haute couture! Then you want Attention!

I can’t even do a proper review because I feel so totally biased!  So you can just judge for yourself from my pics.  I do have to mention this is the 1st time I’ve had an incredibly hard time getting a wig on – I’ve heard plenty of people have trouble before, so now I know how you feel!  Sure the fabric of the dress isn’t as high quality as I thought it would be, but I like the style & the green detail on the hem.  But those little negatives slip my mind when I pull out those rockin’ glittery green platform stilettoes! OMG!

Her blond ponytail wig is really nice, but you know I will be loosening it up over the next week or so.  But here is how it comes.  Oh! And I do love this crazy feather cap!  I’m into wearing feather’s in my hair anyways (maybe it’s the Native American in me, LOL) so I love that she came with this!

And of course I couldn’t NOT redress her within the first 20 minutes, LOL.  So here she is in SouoL by LouoS.  He has an Etsy site HERE.

And from being on the boards I heard that the Tonner Antoinette fashions fit the AG’s wonderfully, so when Angelic Dreams had their sale last month I picked up 2 fashions, 1 for Attention! and 1 for No Exaggeration when she comes.  I must say the fashions fit like a glove!  Other than the shoes, which are enormous!  So here she is in Antoinette’s fashion called “Sinuous”.  And you know I got it for the feathered cap!! I see a theme developing here….LOL  (and as always, there’s a gazillion more shots on my flickr page)

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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2 Responses to ATTENTION!

  1. MommieDearest says:

    Hi, I am now heavily considering getting 2 AGs thanks to your wonderful pics and reviews! I am looking at a Goldmine that is for sale, however, it would cost me $500, which I will not be doing. However, I wanted to hear from you personally, your thoughts on the AGs, positives and negatives if there are any. Also, the kind of clothing and shoes that fit them best. I am a big fan of yours on here and flickr. I do hope to be posting my own pics up soon. thank you so much for your time.


  2. shugashug says:

    I personally love the AG dolls. For me it was a huge change to go to something so big, since I had only collected 12″ dolls until then, so it was an adjustment. But they are really lovely & I like that they are wigged which gives me the ability to really change up their look. I never collected any other “big” dolls like Tonner or Tyler or BJD’s so I really can’t compare them. Many people who do collect both say how “cheap” the AG’s feel. When I question them further they really mean that they are very light, so I guess they associate quality with heaviness. But I’ve never had a problem with one breaking and I put them in some crazy poses. I also know some people have gotten dolls with “floppier” legs, which makes them harder to pose, but I guess I’ve been lucky because I haven’t had that issue.

    Really it’s a matter of what you’re looking for. I like their look much better than Tonner or Tyler, which I personally would never purchase. As far as clothing and wigs go: Facets By Maria carries wigs that fit the AG’s and she lists them like that on her site. I forget the actual size, but she lists it on her site. RanD Angels, which are also 16″ dolls, clothing & wigs fit the AG’s. Gene clothing & shoes also fits the AG’s, although the AG’s have a slightly longer torso. And recently I discovered how well Tonner’s Antoinette clothing fit the AG’s. Really perfect, except for the shoes. There are also other people who sew for these dolls. Personally I like Halo/Empire clothing and Ficon Doll clothing and these fit well too.

    Hope that answers some of your questions! And I do agree that $500 for Goldmine is quite a bit of money! Check the doll boards because there’s always people selling at decent prices on there too!

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