Well folks, it’s been a lovely, relaxing 3 weeks off for me & a great Labor Day weekend!  I’ve been “geeking” out this past couple of weeks as the hubby & I have discovered the game Rock Band 2! We’ve been rocking out into the late nights, LOL, with several friends.  I must say that I’ve become a really great drummer for our band named “Wednesday’s Cabbage”, LOL, despite playing after a bottle of Spanish wine. 

Now it’s back to school tomorrow, a new semester & I’ll finally have my very own patients!  I’m officially an intern & I can’t believe the end is in sight now (I graduate next year with a Master’s degree!).  This time off has been sooo very needed!

What else happend over my break?  Well, there are 3 of us here in San Diego who have started an official doll club!!! (Waving & saying hi to Joy & Sarah!!) I’ve never been part of anything like this but I absolutely adore it!  We had our first meeting & it was soooo much fun!  Joy hosted at her house & we were able to see her wonderful collection – which puts me to shame, LOL.  She’s been collecting quite awhile, and her collection is amazing!  She has allowed me to photograph her collection at our next meeting in October, so I will share here with her permission.    And Sarah is a rerooter! She showed us how to do it & provided us with some supplies!  My first attempt will be to my Face Time Eugenia, who already has messed up hair!  Cross your fingers that this attempt will go well!

Joy’s arrangements & displays have inspired me & so I’ve spent this last week rearranging some of my stuff in my doll room & setting up diorama displays.  This time off has been great fun & I will photograph and post (hopefully on Thursday) or this weekend of my new displays.  I’ve pulled alot of dolls out of the closet & diorama stuff I had purchased & never displayed.  My most favorite purchase lately has been the William Haines set that Maryann Roy did several months ago.  Someone was selling it on Ebay & I snatched it up right away & my FR Monogram dolls have settled nicely into it.  I’ll also post some pics of that set next week.  Now I’m on the verge of getting Maryann’s “Luxury Living” set since it’s on sale…my willpower is fading fast….shhh….don’t tell my hubby, LOL.

I’ve also been getting more excited about the FR Convention which is now only 24 days away!!!!! Holy Moley!!! I’m seriously freaking out over it & I can’t wait to see my old tablemates & meet new friends!  So please come by & say hi to me at Table #14!   I also have been splurging this past week –  I purchased 3 Monsieur Z dolls that I had always wanted!  They were on a super sale at MFD!  I got the 3 “flight” themed dolls: First Class, Fly Girl & Super Fly – I just love their retro style!  I have a shelf & diorama all set up for them to settle into & will take pics when they arrive too. 

Okay, I also found out recently that Tonner’s Tiny Kitty, the 10″ doll, outfits will fit Poppy Parker perfectly (except the shoes).  I purchased 3 on Ebay & tried them on her.  Here are the pics of the 1 outfit & I’ll try and take pics of the other outfits later this week.  So if you’re looking for more vintage/period looking pieces for Poppy look for Tiny Kitty’s!  Here she is in Kitty Collier’s “Mod Pink Flowers” (wearing Dollystyle shoes from BIC):

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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