Well, this is my first FR Monogram doll.  I personally did not care too much for the LifeBall doll, so I didn’t order her.  Then Statuesque came out and she got me to take a 2nd look at this line of dolls.  I think I liked her because she reminded me of a mini Goldmine, who is my favorite AG to date.  But sadly I was a little afraid to order her because of the price.  I didn’t want to pay that much and then not love her.  So I passed on her as well. 

Coming to the IFDC I planned to find someone who had Monogram dolls so I could see them in person.  I was only able to locate the LifeBall doll, and since I didn’t like her I just thought to myself that I won’t be collecting this line.  LOL, isn’t that what we all say to ourselves at some point.  So when Jason announced that both the convention dolls would be Monogram dolls I was a little surprised.  There was a lot of chatter about it possibly being a new character, or a female & male doll, and alot of people were speculating that it would be a giftset based on the price. 

So I was a little hesitant as David came around with the convention doll to show her off to the tables.  But when I saw her I fell in love.  She is so completely up my alley – that retro vibe, soft makeup, pale lips…. ah, just so sweet & pretty.  I loved her dress, hairstyle (love the ponytail w/ bangs!) and especially her patterned tights!  So I was pleased.  When I was finally given my doll, I pulled her out of the box and was amazed at her face.  I just have to say that photos do not do these dolls justice – which is the main reason I hadn’t ordered any before.  Now I think I will have to get Statuesque to add to my collection.

Today I deboxed her and love her little rose earrings and triple rose pin.  The dress is gorgeous!  A black sheer overlay on pink with a black ruffled petticoat underneath.  She comes with great black heels that tie up her lower leg – very Louboutin!  And the biggest surprise to me is the beading detail on her tights at the lower leg.  I really think that is such a great little touch that didn’t need to be done yet adds so much to those tights for me.

I am exhausted & have to study for finals tomorrow, so I will debox “Black Party” & take pics on Tuesday & review her then.  I wasn’t going to keep her, but the best part of this whole trip was that at 2am last night while waiting for my hubby to get off the Roulette table I sat down & put in my last $20 into a Jaws penny slot machine.  10 minutes later I was in some bonus round and had NO idea what was even happening on my screen.  It just kept spinning and the shark was moving around and the boat was moving around and then finally they both landed on the same square together & it said I had won the Jackpot!  Holy Moley!  I was in disbelief!  It flashed on the screen “You have won the hyperlink Jackpot of $1351.51” ——– I spent WAY too much money on this trip, so winning this was just too awesome! 

So I guess I can now say I collect the Monogram dolls!  More pics on flickr….

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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One Response to *BEST DRAMA

  1. JennFL says:

    Congrats on your first Monograms, Shuga! I just knew you’d love ’em….I do…and was thrilled to death when you sent those pix to me. WOW! When they arrived, even more thrilled. Leave it to the IFDC to snag these gorgeous dolls….what an honor. 😀

    Love your commentary….love your pix….love your enthusiam. I have the perfect outfit for ‘Black Party’ – just need time to play….

    Thanks again for all of your help!

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