*WClub online event news!

Well the entire event lasted about 2 1/2 hours & it seems that everyone had a great time and felt really connected with the other members.  Sure, we didn’t get too much information, mostly just hints and vague comments, but I knew that’s how it would be – they don’t want to give it all away! 

Special guest Integrity Senior Designer Vaughn Sawyers stopped by to answer questions and give some scoops, but he wasn’t the only one!  Integrity’s President Percy Newsum, as well as Jason Wu, David Buttry, and even Agnes Von Weiss herself stopped in to say hello! 


  • Definitely some new FR males are coming.
  • Another Valia is planned for release in the future.
  • Furniture has been discussed but no plans are in process.
  • Poppy is arriving next month & there is a lot in store for her! Come to the convention and find out more!
  • They are trying to incorporate more accessories into the dolls but the rising costs at the factory force them to pick and choose on a per set basis.
  • No male AG planned at this time, maybe in the future.
  • ITBE will be arriving late summer/early fall.
  • They will be unveiling a new website later this year.


  • We may have stand alone fashions sooner than we think
  • Expect to see some AG fashions in the future
  • A new celebrity doll will be unveiled this year
  • The convention collection is THE BEST yet and it is a tribute to Jason’s work with Integrity and FR
  • They are currently working on something new for HR
  • They hinted at a AG wig/shoe set like at W@W – they saw how popular they were!
  • Much more is coming with the monogram collection – they’ve barely scratched the surface
  • Definite possibility of seeing Colette again soon
  • This year will be quite a treat, the convention collection is delicious
  • Definite possibility of seeing Lilith this year
  • PP will be expanded in the future
  • A new line of DG will be revealed by summer’s end – it’s very colorful!
  • “Lukas is always recruiting new models, that pimp daddy that he is”
  • They are considering some FR Homme outfits for the future
  • We will see an “unusual” star pretty soon in the collection
  • They are already working on next year (6-8 mos to complete a doll) so great things in store for 2010
  • 2nd club doll – think holiday!

**Pictures below are property of Integrity Toys**


Tiny teaser of the new DG line coming out, I know, I know, it’s tiny….






 Tiny teaser of a possible new FR Monogram doll? Looks like a redhead too!








For me, I personally love the FR storyline, so it was great fun when the Baroness herself, Agnes Von Weiss, popped on and conversed with us lowly collectors since she was the reason we were all there (for the lottery of course!) 


Hello Darlings…

Just thought I would pop by, it’s all fine and dandy that you are here to celebrate Vaughn and stuff, but frankly, it’s all about me (it always is…)

I’m sooooo tired today, I’ve had to plan so many things and I ran out of champagne. What’s a girl to do?? For example, here’s what my recent schedule has been like (you’ll immediately understand my predicament):

-Speak to Condi Mash (famous publishers of “Vague” magazine) to discuss why Paisley, orange and blue just doesn’t quite work in today’s work place, even thought I keep trying to push that combo in Giselle’s collections;

-Tried to avert a major world crisis by getting three important world leaders to get together at my underground compound and talk about “it”, but they just confused me with another Baroness who works for another, um, more evil organization (that one wears glasses and black leather all the time, I don’t see where the confusion comes from) and they never showed up, the nerve!!)

-Spoke to Natalia Fatale about why she should seriously stop trying her own products on herself and leave that to her lab technicians;

-Pondered about the deep meaning of life and had a discussion with my mirror;

-and more… All this on my last bottle of Dom… Yikes!! Thank God I had a little help from pharmacist (that’s his nickname), otherwise I would have never made it to my computer tonight (it’s the middle of the night here in Dusseldorf).

Anyway, I’m happy to be with you as usual, Vaughn is pretty interesting, but I’m better, you just keep that in mind (everyone seems to forget how important I am).

Just to keep in the “optics” of things, I’m sooooo looking forward to going to Chicago, I hear the rest of the girls will be there too, if you can call them that.

I really love the W Crew. No, no, I do, really. Veronique especially. I know where she is, but my organization is keeping this information under wraps at the moment… I really wish I could tell you guys… But I’m happy for her, she’s in such a better place…

OK, gotta run, I have to go book a few plane tickets on notsocheaptickets.com, I have fans all over the place and many many different magazines who want a piece of Baroness action, Frankfurt, Chicago, Vienna, Jersey City, Paris, London, Montreal, Siberia City… All very glamourous places (or so my publicist says, maybe I should fire him), I’ll see them all!!

Toudelou for now


Baroness of Von Weiss
Fashion Guru Extraordinaire
Intelligence Specialist
Debonair Woman of the World
International Girl of Mystery

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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