*LifeBall 2009 by Jason Wu

I personally didn’t get this doll, but my FR Convention-mate from last year did an awesome review of this doll & some fabulous pics which she’s allowing me to share here with all of you!  Thanks so much JennFL!!



Yes, the hands have already received their fair share of controversy, mostly negative – as we FR fans do love our delicately parted hands…not to mention we’re spoiled now with the HandSpeak System of removeable hands.
LBD features “fused-fingers” similar to the Momoko. Could have been designed this way to allow her gloves to slide on without catching. Only the folks at Integrity know for sure – and I’m sure they’re not talking. Anyway, the hands aren’t that bad…[to me]….I can live with them [but secretly hope that future Monogram Collections have the HandSpeak System…shhhhh.]


When I first deboxed this doll, I thought she felt lighter than the normal FR/Nu.Face dolls….could it be?…is she missing the “wicked washer” in the abdomen?   What she DOES have are new, slightly fuller breasts than the ModelBehavior/Nu.Face/Dynamite Girl-type bodies.


Tight bun? I think not…how about an elegant updo along the line of a high, loose chignon? Here’s the back of this Raven-haired beauty! Love it!


A beautiful floral gown straight from Jason’s Fall 2008 Collection…the fabric is so soft, not stiff at all. Simple yet elegant. It has a surplice neckline drawn towards the waistline with tiny pleats of perfection. This particular neckline MAY allow the dress to be worn by fuller-figured dolls [coughFRcough].  Of course, “2009 Life Ball” proudly wears her red AIDS ribbon on her right shoulder. The dress is fully lined, both top and skirt, and the fit is wonderful.  The back of the gown falls into a simple train. It features a multi-hook closure [the standards for quality FR clothing].   The petticoat is of a soft black tulle; simple yet sexy.


I’ve never seen a hat really work with a gown, but this one does. It’s a black, petal creation – soft and feminine – and features a mesh veil that falls across the eyes, and a black ribbon tie [which closes with a hook]. I hooked mine behind the hair – it’s hidden under the chignon/bun.


THE SHOES:  Always an important item with Fashion Royalty Collectors…..these are red with painted black soles, and red ribbon ties. They’re semi-molded [with thankfully more rigid heels than the last pair], but they have attached straps to hold them on. These look similar to the ones who came with “Cruise Control” Vanessa…but an upgraded version. However, with a doll this expensive, [and the debut of a new series] I was expecting a little more “bang” for my shoe buck…but these look nice. Unfortunately, because you have to stretch the top of the shoe to pull them on…I predict a shoe break somewhere down the road. It’s inevitable with these types of pull-ons. Remember, the warranty only covers 1 year.


THE EARRINGS came on the doll. These are lovely, “antique gold-tone” detailed studs with multiple rhinestones. Perfect for the outfit.  You can also see the semi-molded “eyelash rims” on the doll’s eyes in this shot, too…similar to Silkstones and Vintage Barbie “lashes.” No, these dolls do not have applied “feathery” eyelashes, but she still looks great. [I’m a fan of the applied eyelashes, and hope this won’t be a trend in the future.]

Yes, the gloves are more like mittens [aren’t all fashion doll gloves], and for now, I’m enjoying the doll without them. The doll’s hands have closed fingers, so putting these on shouldn’t pose much of a problem.


Ever since this doll was announced, I’ve gone back and forth with the “should I?”…”can I afford it?”…thoughts. At the time, I didn’t think I’d be sad if I didn’t win her in the Lottery [due to the price tag]….yet, I felt the usual pleasure in seeing that Wu Club “Lottery Winner!” email. Plus, seeing her in person…well, she far exceeded my expectations. It’s been a long time since I felt such a rush from receiving, opening and deboxing a doll. She’s astoundingly beautiful…and a joy to photograph. I’m looking forward to seeing future dolls from this collection….but will wish for less sticker-shock the next time….

The “Life Ball Doll” very well may fit perfectly into some of the older FR fashions, as well as some of the Silkstone fashions. She’s still touted as a 12″ fashion doll, so the length may still be of some concern.


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I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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