Okay, I have only ever collected dolls that were produced by Integrity toys until today.  I had been seeing these dolls on a couple of doll boards and kept feeling really drawn to them.  Finally someone was selling theirs in the US at under cost, so I jumped on the opportunity!  Well this Innoquii arrived today and I absolutely love her!

Innoquii are the new line of 14″ porcelain dolls designed by Superfrock/Superdoll, the designers of the Sybarites.  (These dolls are featured in the February Haute Doll magazine)  Innoquii, means more than one innocuous – which by definition means “to cause no harm” – but in multiples are they harmless?  These girls are intended to be harmless and beautiful.  This first collection contains 4 dolls which aren’t given individual names (the doll featured here is ii/DD_02).  According to the Superfrock designers, these dolls are inspired and contain details from Bild Lilli, vintage Barbie and the Sybarites. 

This line is made of porcelain and are 14″ tall, have a mohair wig with ponytail and glass eyes.  All of these dolls also have fascinating, intricate tattoos since they are meant to be loved naked or clothed. 

2 Innoquii have been released so far.  The one featured here which everyone is calling “Picnic” and another one which everyone is calling “Traveler” (a Haute Doll exclusive).  Picnic is inspired from the 1959 vintage Barbie “Picnic” set pictured below:


I must say that this doll is so captivating!  Her tattoos fascinate me & the feel of her is so different than what I am used to.  The porcelain is heavier & I am getting used to that – Plus the “stringing” of the body is different than FR dolls, so I am trying to get used to posing this doll with such different joints.  I must admit that I find this 14″ size to be complete perfection!  When I got my first AG doll she seemed soooo big to me!  This size is perfect right there in the middle!  (I wish FR were this size!!)

So I did a quick photoshoot today.  I tried to capture all of her tattoos without taking total nude shots and in the last pictures I redressed her in a Fashion Blvd top, Lush’s belt and Eclectic’s shorts.  The first shots are in her original outfit (which also comes with the bra and panties). 

**Crawling ants tatooed on her lower arms**

**Vine tattoo in her “erogenous” area**

**Dragonflies on upper back and upper arm and a bug in her hand**

**Innoquii tattoo on low back and heart behind the ear**

**Bug on upper thigh and an ant on ankle**

**you can see the tiniest peek of the shine on her nipple – the nipples are dotted (kind of like “pasties”) with a color similar to her lip color but just a little darker**

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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3 Responses to *Innoquii

  1. Maryann says:

    Hi Christina,
    Are there any 12″ dolls from Superfrock/Superdoll?
    I like her look, but can’t get passed the ants!
    Maryann 🙂

  2. shugashug says:

    Unfortunately they only do bigger dolls. I really like the 14″ Innoquii size – it’s a nice inbetween size! Would love to see them do 12″ ones too!

  3. dal L. says:

    She is gorgeous! Just got one to hang out with Traveler “Dot”.
    Love your redressing, always.
    dal :0)

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