Upcoming in the world of Fashion Royalty

The convention is only about 10 days away!  I will be flying out to Pittsburgh on the 1st and will be updating this blog daily so you’ll be able to have all the info straight from the convention! This is my first convention, so I’m really excited!

Okay, onto the news….  Dressmaker details will have a special convention outfit for sale at “The Heist”.  No other details as of yet, but it is promised that it won’t take up as much shelf space as the “Sugar Plum” gown from last year!

The Dynamite Girls will be making an appearance at the convention with candy-colored inspiration!  Shhh….a new character will be added into the DG line and she will be introduced at the convention, and rumor has it that another DG doll will be unveiled in October!

I think the news has been out now on most of the doll boards, but there will be no official fall capsule collection for FR.  Avant Guards are still coming out this fall and will be on display at the convention.  I will be attending the WClub Luncheon and so I will bring you what updates I have on the AG line then. 

Our WClub dolls will be shipping in fall as well.  This is the “Moods” collection with the last use of Veronique’s face mold.  Rumors abound that the convention doll will be the “new” Veronique, but I highly doubt they’d release dolls from the new mold before the final old mold dolls are shipped. 

Also at the convention, there is a “Hollywood Royalty” Luncheon that I will be attending and here the second celebrity in the line will be revealed!  All we know is that she is completely and totally different than Lana Turner!  So I will be giving updates about that info as I receive it from the convention!

About Shuga-Shug

I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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3 Responses to Upcoming in the world of Fashion Royalty

  1. Louise strass_Star says:

    hi shugster!!! just did a search for avant guards and you polled in at number 2 on google!!! wow!

  2. maurice hackett says:

    Hi im new to the world of Jason Wu. So far every thing i’ve received or scene has impressed me. I love blogs like this one that alow me to see the FR dolls from a different perspective.I look forward to seeing new pics & news on the avant gaurd line.Thank You!

  3. maurice hackett says:

    looking forward to the avant gaurd line.

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