Gene Convention – W Club Galactic Luncheon

Today’s event was the W Club Galactic Luncheon.  Only W Club members were allowed to sign up for this event, which includes a decadent lunch and a small parting gift.  The parting gift was the outfit for “Swimsuited to a T”, the DVD with 72 serial episodes of Flash Gordon, a black plastic Gene cup and a deck of playing cards.   This luncheon allows members to speak with the W Club Liasons, ask questions and give feedback.

The luncheon’s centerpiece doll was “Green Eyes” dressed in “Imperial She” with a top knot ponytail.

At today’s event the W Club unveiled the “Avant Guard” doll line that is releasing this fall.  These are 16″ high fashion, wigged dolls.  (they were featured in a past issue of Haute Doll magazine).  Attendees of the luncheon were guaranteed the right to purchase a LUSH AvantGuard doll when they are released.  They also were eligible in the event centerpiece drawing. 

And I did find out that this year’s WClub doll is named “Rondelet”……. sorry I don’t know more, but it should be released in October or November to WClub members, so I’m sure we’ll see pics then!

The rest of the afternoon consisted of workshops, raffles and competition judging.  Tonight is the Gala dinner with the unveiling of the convention doll, drawing for centerpiece dolls and announcing of the compeition and raffle winners.  Check back for those details!

At the Luncheon a new character was revealed!?!?!  All that was passed on to me is that it’s a female, she’s of a “certain age” but has still kept her figure, and in 1954 she had warm medium blond hair.

Here are some pics from the Oona design competition entries.

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I'm a practicing acupuncturist and in what little spare time I have, my hobbies include photography, dancing the Argentine Tango & collecting Ingerity's line of fashion dolls!
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